Even you can control this helicopter. On the first try!

When looking at the control panel of the helicopter,eyes scatter in different directions - it is not for nothing that training requires several months of theory and practice. The company Sikorsky, which in 2015 was purchased by the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin, seeks to simplify the interaction of the pilot with the equipment. To this end, she created the Matrix system intelligence, which is able to independently control a SARA research helicopter based on data from numerous sensors. The pilot is only required to drive his hand over the tablet and, if necessary, to pull the two controllers.

Tablet with touchscreen display attached to footpilot and displays a realistic map and several control buttons. Thus, even a beginner can control the helicopter - you only need to specify a point on the map and set altitude and speed parameters, or load a ready-made algorithm of actions. The calculation of the most optimal route involved a huge computer, which is installed behind the cockpit.

To save the route and trackobstacles are used GPS, lidar and camera. Thanks to them, the helicopter easily avoids trees, power lines, other planes and even birds. The system also constantly provides for possible landing sites in case of unforeseen situations.

If necessary, the pilot can take control inyour hands just holding the controls. When he releases them - the Matrix system will immediately take over control and continue to follow a predetermined plan. To change the location of the helicopter, on both sides of the pilot there are two levers: the left one is responsible for acceleration and rotation around its axis, and the right one is for tilting forward, backward, left and right.

Matrix technology will be used in the future.for transportation of large loads and in search and rescue operations. Moreover, the company is already confident that it can already be embedded in flying cars, although there are no ready-to-work models yet. Be that as it may, the technology will undoubtedly increase flight safety, since the pilots will only need to know what they need to do — and how the computer will decide how this will happen.

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