The US Army is developing a system for training soldiers inside virtual reality.

During the fighting may occur thatwhatever, and consider all the strategies of the enemy is almost impossible. Nevertheless, the US Army intends to give its soldiers the opportunity to process combat scenarios dozens or even hundreds of times before entering the real battlefield. To this end, she intends to create the so-called "Synthetic training environment", which will allow the fighters to wear virtual reality glasses and feel themselves in any combat situation. The calculations will be carried out in the cloud, so you can train in a special room, and immediately before the military mission.

Aircraft pilots are already passingtraining inside virtual reality, but the infantry still do not have this opportunity. It is relatively easy to simulate the conditions inside the aircraft, since the pilot is essentially in the same place. With infantry, everything is more complicated - not only do soldiers need to move actively, so not only other soldiers, but also civilians can also be near them.

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The system can be configured for a variety oftypes of training, up to the command of the mission. All actions of fighters will be recorded and used to identify the wrong decisions, so that in real conditions they would not allow them. Thus, the command wants to achieve a new level of training, with deeper results. It is noteworthy that the virtual space will be able to repeat the landscape of any point on the planet.

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To recreate the virtual world willuse the BISim software, part of which is the VBS Blue object rendering engine. The system will increase the number of intelligent objects to millions of pieces, which will turn every training session into an independent event - the soldiers will never face the same scenarios, just like on a real battlefield. Calculations, as mentioned, will be conducted in the cloud.

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