Donald Trump intends to withdraw a ban from Huawei

Huawei's suffering may come to an end. During the G20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump of the United States of America made an extremely important statement for Huawei in particular and for the economic relations of China and America. He said that American companies would be allowed to sell their Huawei products. Well, if, of course, this is not a “national security issue,” Mr. Trump made a reservation.

From the quote from the speech of Mr. Presidentit follows directly that the interests of those same American companies, which were prohibited from trading with Huawei, played an important role in making such a decision. “They were very upset, and we will allow them to trade with Huawei.”

At the same time, no official “withdrawing the ban”has not yet taken place. Questions relating to the situation with Huawei are in the complex of negotiations with China regarding the trade dispute between the two countries as a whole, and the statement should clearly be considered preliminary. Apparently, Huawei will have to wait with the celebrations until Tuesday, when the signing of the relevant papers is expected.

Three ugh, so as not to jinx it, but apparently, everything is nowwill be back to square one. Huawei will be able to use microSD cards, Micron memory chips, develop and produce chipsets on the ARM architecture and receive updates to the Android OS. But the sediment, no doubt, will remain, and something suggests that Huawei (and not only it), who learned from the bitter experience, will, as far as possible, prepare the alternate routes.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s permission to sell its products in the United States was out of the question.


Tatyana Kobelskaya