Astronomers received a mysterious radio signal from a distant galaxy

Very often, astronomers peer into the distantgalaxies to better understand how the universe works and even our own solar system. But one of the big and distant galaxies interested scientists for another reason: from it came a signal that we were able to register here on Earth. One powerful and fast radio signal was heard by radars in Australia, and was no longer repeated. Who could send it?

Fast radio bursts: who sends them?

Galaxy with the complex scientific name DESJ214425.25-405400.81 is 4 billion light-years from us (a billion times farther than from the Sun to the nearest star). A light year is the distance a ray of light can cover in a year. That is, the light or radio signal from this galaxy will reach us in 4 billion years. It was from this galaxy that the signal came - “fast radio burst”, as they are called in the scientific world. They are so powerful that with one fast radio burst, the energy that our Sun can throw in 10,000 years is released into space.

Fast radio bursts are among the phenomena that science can not yet explain.

After receiving the signal, astronomers began to look for, from wherehe came. They managed not only to detect the galaxy, which became the source of the signal, but also to narrow the search to a specific place in the galaxy itself - 13,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. But another thing is important: how did this signal appear?

According to scientists, it is possible that thisThe “message” gave rise to one of the powerful cosmic phenomena: the destruction of a star or a black hole, which sucked the star and tore it apart. Of course, it may be the messages of aliens, but at the moment scientists refuse to believe it. They believe that there are plenty of powerful and unusual events in the universe that can send us a similar message.

Fast radio signals are increasingly being recorded: last year there were already more than twenty. Their main feature is that they, as a rule, do not repeat. But if at least some signal repeats itself - you can be sure that telescopes of the whole world will be directed to one point in the sky. Because sending a repeating signal can and something reasonable.