Headphones and your health. Things to think about when using any headphones


Headphones have become an everyday item, every day I see hundreds of people on the streets with

plugs, some wear full-size models,covering the head. Some headphones have noise cancellation, some don't. Headphones are such a simple and understandable item that we don’t think at all that something might be wrong with them and that they could potentially harm us. Let's try in one material to consider the most common problems faced by people who constantly use, one might even say non-stop, headphones of different designs.

But first we need to remember a littleanatomy and talk about sulfur. There are about 2000 sulfur glands in the ears, they secrete a lubricant that protects the ear canal from bacteria, fungi and even insects. Evolution does not tolerate vain efforts, and the secret of the glands serves to protect us, nature has designed it so that the accumulated sulfur is naturally excreted during chewing, jaw movements.

In my twenties, I was lucky to hear from a doctorthat cleaning the ears with a cotton swab is harmful, since the body increases the secretion of lubricant, plus you can injure the ear canal. Until that moment, it seemed to me that clean ears were a necessary element of hygiene, so every few days I used cotton swabs and cleaned the ear canal. Those who are fond of such experiments need to know that you are involuntarily pushing the body to release more sulfur, hypersecretion begins.

Using in-ear headphones is alsoaffects the production of sulfur, I am sure that any user of TWS headphones has encountered the fact that pieces of sulfur periodically appear on them that need to be cleaned. Sometimes it is annoying, and it seems that a person is a slob, does not take care of himself. So, I want to tell you that this is absolutely normal, as nature intended.

It’s worth cleaning the headphones themselves, unlike your ears, you can do this procedure once every one and a half to two months, nothing bad will definitely come from it.

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Let's look at the most common problems thatoccur in people because of headphones. Let's start with TWS headphones, they cover the ear and often have a plug that is inserted into the ear canal. For example, this is what my Buds2 Pro look like. In the photo on the right you see the first Buds Pro, note that there are particles of ear secretion in the case.


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Sulfur plug - we tamp the secret, we impair hearing

One of the most common problemsthere is a sulfur plug, which does not allow you to hear the world around you well. Usually the plug occurs in one ear, headphones can contribute to this.

Headphones come with different tips,manufacturers advise using those that fit snugly against the walls of the ear canal. This is really important for passive sound isolation, you will hear music better, the flip side of this is that when you put in headphones, they displace the sulfur and can gradually condense it. The secretion of the glands increases, there is more sulfur, and you periodically tamp it from above - traffic jams appear.

Please don't experiment on yourself.If you have a cork, consult a doctor, trying to remove it yourself can lead to disastrous results. Here, many will object to me that I am blowing on water - they say, they did this hundreds of times, and nothing. But once is enough to damage the eardrum or ear canal. Don't experiment on yourself.

Sweating ears, inflammation and allergies, other troubles

Headphones often fit snugly around your earsdeprive yourself of access to air, create a closed space, start to sweat. And here comes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria that you can bring along with the headphones - warm, humid, no air. The longer the headphones are in your ears, the more likely something will go wrong.

The rule here is simple - do not wear headphonesnon-stop, take them off when you don't need them. For example, I use my headphones on the road, but take them out at the office, use them only when someone calls, and then put them back in the box. And even with this approach, I get about 3-4 hours a day. On trips, this time increases, for example, in Sapsan it is about 4-5 hours without a break.

Headphones should not be worn immediately after a shower orwhen you sweat (in sports models they try to foresee this, although not all manufacturers think about it, no one is perfect). Wait fifteen minutes, do not create additional stress on your ears.

From time to time it is better to take out the headphones.Now let's focus on headphones with silicone inserts (this may be another material). Usually we use the headphones right away, we don't do anything with the tabs. Tip that many will consider harmful, but it does not hurt - remove the liners, rinse them simply under warm, but not hot water. They will dry out after a short period of time. You can’t do this with earbuds that have a memory effect (if you have such earbuds, then you probably know about it).

Allergy or skin irritation is manifested in the fact thatthat you can peel off the skin in your ears. Many people brush it off easily and continue to use headphones. You should not do this, you must first solve the problem and only then use the headphones again. At some point, skin irritation can lead to inflammation, the appearance of wounds, which is extremely unpleasant. Be smart, don't ignore the warnings your body is giving you.


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Music loudness and hearing loss are a 21st century problem

We are constantly surrounded by sounds, in their citiesthe quantity and variety is great, they often exceed the comfortable level. Remember how you went on a trip out of town and enjoyed the silence, and then returned back to the noise and din. We've become unaccustomed to silence, hence the need for noise canceling headphones.

But the main danger of headphones or speakers is thatthat we can listen to them very loudly, so loudly that we can damage our hearing. Here it is important to realize that the impact on hearing directly depends not only on the volume, but also on the duration of the sound. Look at the plate, it describes this feature well.

But the time in explicit form, depending on the decibel.

Most of today's headphones lacklimits on the maximum sound level, there is no control over how long you listen to music and at what volume. Sony has taken care of this for the WH-1000XM5 model and added the appropriate settings, you can track your habits, how exactly you use the headphones.

I really hope something like this happens over time.will appear in other manufacturers, a useful thing and allows you to form the right habits. In this aspect, noise-canceling headphones are the most necessary thing, such headphones allow you to comfortably listen to music at half the volume, there is no need to increase this parameter so that they shout out external noise, for example, on an airplane. The same Sony is comfortable to listen to at half the volume, the margin is huge.

Please pay attention to how youlistening to music, there is a cumulative effect, you need to be reasonable in how long you use the headphones, do not take them out of your ears. Loading your head without a break is definitely not worth it.

Short conclusions - what to do

We don't like to think about how thoseor other things, even when taking medications, we often do not look at the instructions, we are not in a hurry, for example, to find out the dosage of vasoconstrictor drops. Why is that? We think that this is nonsense and we know very well how this nonsense works.

Roughly the same story with headphones - anywe attribute the flaws to our own account, rarely swear at the manufacturer, and most importantly, we do not try to fix anything. In my opinion, reasonableness is important here, it is necessary to understand how and what you use, what you do in order to avoid certain problems. That's what's important - be smart about what you're doing and don't use headphones non-stop without regard to what's going on with your body.

Headphones with full protection against water,you can sometimes wash it, after all, this is a personal item that comes into contact with you. You definitely don’t need to be zealous in this, but you need to take care of yourself and your headphones.

I did not set the task to scare you away from the headphones,use them wisely. But most importantly, try not to supply your school-age children and even the smallest ones with in-ear headphones, they are contraindicated in principle! Only overhead models, nothing else can be given to them. But we will talk about this separately another time. Take care of yourself and your ears!

Mobile-review.com The Most Common AirPods Breakdown and How to Fix It

One of the most common AirPods problems and how to fix it at home in five minutes