Designers have created a beautiful lamp with a light floating in the air.

Large companies such as LG and Samsung do notalways have the opportunity to experiment with the design of their devices. Fortunately, small startups are actively engaged in this, who boldly demonstrate their ideas and raise money for their implementation through crowdfunding platforms. One such project is the Levia levitating lamp, which uses electromagnetic induction, rather than a wire, to transfer energy. The developers started a fundraiser on Kickstarter.

It was created by Italian designers - notsurprisingly, it easily adapts to any style of interior. Its body is made of expensive types of Genuine Carrara or Black Marquina marble, which are completely polished by hand. Marble base is rubberized and does not slip on surfaces. It has a built-in touch button for switching on and off the light - it is made extremely sensitive so that the levitating lamp does not fall when pressed.

The lamp is powered from the outlet and consumes only 3 wattsenergy. The service life reaches 50,000 working hours - if you use it for 8 hours over 365 days, the lamp will last about 17 years. To assemble the lamp, you just need to bring it to the structure from the bottom up to the feeling of magnetic force. The lamp emits only warm light, as the developers believe that it strains the eyes less and does not affect the quality of sleep.

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Levia lamp costs at least 113dollars - versions using other materials will cost more. Mass production will begin after collecting the necessary amount, and the company intends to collect 23,000 dollars.

Crowdfunding platforms are full of unusualprojects. For example, in 2017, musician Johannes Lobichler created a device that converts electronic notes into drum beats. You can read about the invention in our special material.

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