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Could a NASA parallel universe story be a mistake?

We recently talked about an amazing discovery.researchers from NASA that they may have been able to discover a parallel universe in which time goes back. In fact, the headlines of the world media were full of news about the unusual discovery of scientists, but these headings greatly exaggerate the truth. The truth is much less exciting: the researchers found evidence of the existence of fundamental particles that challenge our understanding of physics. However, to know for sure whether this is so, additional research is needed. Thus, the idea of ​​an unusual parallel universe is only one of many, as there is no convincing evidence in its favor. We tell what these particles can be.

It is possible that our universe is one of a great many parallel universes.

Neutrino - high-energy elusive particles withneutral charge and half-integer spin, which interact weakly and gravitationally. Research has shown that neutrinos break out from under the Earth.

Neutrino - evidence of the existence of a parallel universe?

A great many articles that are fullThe Internet - and to which we referred in our previous article, also seems to be based on a publication in New Scientist, with that loud headline about the possible discovery of a parallel universe. The article is beautifully written and makes you think about the results of cosmic ray studies conducted in Antarctica.

Let me remind you that in the original article, the journalist NewScientist interviewed a researcher named Peter Gorham, who works at NASA. The results of the six-year work of the Anita mission are published in the journal Physics. In the course of their work, scientists observed a balloon equipped with a set of antennas that scanned more than a million square kilometers of the frozen landscape of Antarctica in search of signs of high-energy particles arriving from space. After the first flight, the researchers found nothing but background noise. A year later, the situation repeated itself.

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To verify the data once again, during the third launch, scientists re-examined the signals recorded last time, especially noise. Subsequently, it turned out that one of the signals - this is the signature of a high-energy particle - neutrino.

Shot from the movie "Avengers: Final"

You will be wondering: Are there parallel universes? Ten facts for

What other explanations exist?

The data obtained, according to Forbes, foundevidence that high-energy particles - phantom neutrinos - rise from the surface of the Earth without any source back in 2016, the second time this happened in 2018. There is no single explanation for this yet. This is why a recent press release that accompanied the research work on this subject said: “Other explanations for abnormal signals need to be considered. Perhaps you should pay attention to "exotic physics" - the very theory of a parallel universe. " But what other explanations for the strange behavior of neutrinos exist?

You will probably be surprised, but the resultsmay be a common mistake. It is important to understand that science is not infallible, on the contrary, it works just like that - some scientists are looking for evidence, others are trying to refute it. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the story that happened in 2019 and which we also told you about. We are talking about the discovery of a black hole, which should not exist and which, as it turned out later, really does not exist. But what an intrigue, agree!

When the Anita data were obtained, the main hypotheses were an astrophysical explanation (e.g., neutrinos) and a systematic error, as well as physics outside the Standard Model.

Our universe is full of mysteries. It is a pity that human life is short and we are not destined to learn all the secrets of the universe

Mistakes are always possible, especially when insomething unexpected happens in the study. One way or another, scientists intend to conduct even more experiments before obtaining the final data. According to the lead author of the scientific work, although it was an exciting time for physicists trying to explain these events, it seems that they will have to wait for the next generation of experiments.

What exactly is known?

NASA's Antarctic experiment revealsevidence for the existence of ghostly particles that challenge our current understanding of physics. But it is entirely possible that these conclusions are the result of an error. And yet, in fairness, I note that some experts are seriously considering a version with a parallel universe. And what do you think the results mean - a mistake, or have scientists discovered a source of neutrinos? Share your answer in the comments to this article and join the participants of our Telegram chat - we don’t get bored!