Furry robot Moflin will replace pets (video)

Robots gradually penetrate all areashuman life. They also came to our house, displacing, for example, the usual vacuum cleaners for us. However, engineers from Vanguard Industries (Japan) went further and created a cute robotic furry Moflin device that can show emotions, learn using AI and can replace pets.

Moflin is on display at CES 2021, but beforethis project raised an impressive $ 625,000 on Kickstarter crowdfunding. Emotional and learning, the furry robot will become the master of many homes in the near future (with at least 1,400 Kickstarter sponsors).

Artificial Intelligence Robot Animalable to express emotions, changing them depending on the situation. Moflin is capable of being calm, aroused, and in a neutral normal state. AI helps Moflin recognize different people, respond to sounds and gestures.

To broadcast emotions, the robo animal hasmicrophones and a Bluetooth module that communicates with the app. A replaceable battery will provide autonomous operation. The fur in brown and silver is also removable and can be washed as it gets dirty. The first mechanical furry home robots will arrive in buyers' homes in the summer of 2021.