Ancient civilizations harmed nature

We naively believe that harmfulanthropogenic human activity originates only with the development of mass industry in the 20th century. According to a new study conducted by specialists of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of the History of Man, a person harmed nature from the very moment of his appearance. Well, it seems that after reading this article, misanthropes may have a worthy excuse for their behavior.

Man harms nature for many thousands of years

Why does man harm nature?

Recently, Science magazine published an article,proving that harmful anthropogenic human impact could be observed at the very beginning of the emergence of our culture. According to a study covering a time span of 10 thousand years, human management has never been invisible to the environment. Immediately after the period of hunting and gathering, people began to change the world around them by grazing pets and deforestation for plowing fields. The pace of such changes could not be observed everywhere, however, research shows that they were happening gradually across the planet.

Despite the low size of his population, people carried out very intensive activities in the field of agriculture, which led to “deforestation” and a lack of clean water.

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What harm has man done to nature over the past 50 years?
Despite the fact that anthropogenic activitiesalways one way or another influenced the environment, over the past 50 years, the level of human influence has grown to incredible heights. So, it was during this time that approximately 90% of all stocks of large fish were destroyed and 70% of the world's forests were cut down. The remaining 30% is gradually being degraded due to constant felling at a speed of 80 square kilometers per year.

Coral reefs may disappear by the end of the XXI century

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In addition to destroying the lungs of the planet, manguilty of being on the verge of extinction about 18% of the mammals of the Earth. So, in the near future on the planet, all koalas can die out, which, due to the active cutting of eucalyptus, begin to suffer from a lack of suitable resources for food.

Due to the active cutting of eucalyptus, koalas can die out already in our century

A reduction in the chimpanzee population also occurs inthe fault of man. The fact is that the natural habitat of these animals is gradually declining due to deforestation in which they live. In addition, chimpanzee cubs often appear as a subject of illegal trade. Together with them, sloths and pandas suffer from deforestation.

How to save the environment?

Saving resources can be one of the bestways to preserve and restore the environment. Each of us can change our habits a bit, saving energy and the amount of water consumed. In addition, humanity should reduce the use of plastic bags, which are practically not degradable in nature. Following these simple tips, each of us can make our own personal contribution to saving the planet for ourselves and our children.