Porsche Taycan put an end to Tesla? I doubt it

I think that there is no person in the world whoI wouldn’t hear about Porsche cars, except for a dozen recluses on the far outskirts of Taiga. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer has long and thoroughly entered himself into a certain circle of the world automobile industry elite. That is why all his news are met with great interest by the public, and rulers like 911 and Boxter have long become a symbol of their class and are included in the list of desires of every adult child. Yesterday, the company introduced its first mass-produced electric car. Should Tesla start to panic? Not sure. Let's get it right.

Will Porsche beat Tesla on her field?


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Porsche History

The history of the company began in 1931. It was then that Ferdinand Porsche founded the company, which he very ornately called "Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft ”. The main factory and company headquarters are in Stuttgart, Germany.

The main shareholder of the company is stillPorsche family, and in 2010 the company was recognized as the most highly profitable car manufacturing company. In many ways, this became possible due to the fact that brand cars are not so expensive to be exclusive, but also not so cheap that each unit brings very little profit.

In addition, cars of this brand are the mostbalanced. These are not my words, but the worldwide recognition of Porsche journalists, bloggers and car owners. My experience with these cars left only the most positive impressions. First of all, precisely because of their balance. They can drive around the city, along the track, and even outside the city they feel not as bad as many others.

Legendary Porsche 356

Before Ferdinand Porsche Launchedcars under his own name, he managed to work on such projects as the racing Auto Union and the famous Volkswagen Kafer, better known as the “Beetle”. Later, there were the legendary 356s, and funny 914s, and dudes 944s, and even took more than one life of the Spider coupe. They did not have a safety arc, and not even the most severe accidents rarely ended well.

The first generation Porsche Spider, which left no chance for the driver and passenger in the event of a rollover.

Most people know, of course, suchmodels like 911, Boxter, 996, and Carrera GT, which appeared relatively recently (in the history of the company), Cayenne and Panamera. At the same time, in the history of the company there were almost all types of engines, including boxed, in-line and V-shaped. Now there are electric motors in the row. But, in the history of the company this is not the first experience with electric traction.

What races did Porsche participate in

Despite the sportiness of Porsche cars,they can not be called regulars of the racetracks. Amateurs and semi-professionals often roll out their charged 996s to the track on track days, but these are not professional competitions.

This "cuttlefish" won Dakar.

Of the serious races, apart from a few monoclasses,Le Mans and even Dakar can be noted. At Le Mans, Porsche is the record holder for the number of victories in the standings of designers. On their account 19 victories in the categories LMP1 and GT. So even the invincible Audi at one time could not. In Dakar, the results are more modest, but in 1984 the crew of Rene Metz and Dominic Lemoine was able not only to finish in prizes, but also to take the top step of the podium. They won their victory on a specially prepared Porsche 911.

Porsche 919 Hybrid prototype in the LMP1 Leman category

Even in Formula 1 on the account of Porsche there are victories. The most pleasant period for the company can be considered the mid-80s, when the Germans developed engines for McLaren, who at that time took two cups of designers and three champion titles. The legendary Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda and Keke Rosberg, who, however, did not achieve much success with this team, although, at that time, were already the world champion, were members of the team at that time.

Nicky Lauda is a three-time Formula 1 champion. The glance of a true champion.

Porsche in Formula E

In 2012, the FIA ​​(International FederationMotorsport) and a group of enthusiasts there was an idea to create a separate class of competitions for electric vehicles. A year later, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the first prototype of cars for the future championship was shown, and in September 2014 the first stage of a new racing series, called Formula E, started.

I personally respect this racing series at least forthat it was originally created as an electric series, and adheres to its own path, and does not try to reach for other directions, like modern Formula 1, which tries to sit on two chairs and eat a fish. Sport, from which everyone expects severe atmospheric engines with a volume of 2.4-3 liters and fighting to the limit, turns into the championship of housekeepers and green followers. The pinnacle of motorsport is not a place for savings and trends. Sorry for the lyrical retreat of a fan with great experience. I had to speak up.

The race car must win the race and fall apart after crossing the finish line - Ron Denis on how a race car should give all the best in a race.

Many famous people worked on the creation of machines.brands in motorsport. For example, McLaren was entrusted with the development of electronic filling and engines, Williams undertook to make batteries, and Dallara took up the usual thing - the design of racing chassis.

Formula-E electric cars are fighting for the E-Prix. Yes, that's right, not the familiar Grand Prix

At the moment, many are playing in the championshipwell-known racers, some of which even passed more than one season in Formula 1, and some of them even achieved great success. For example, Filipe Massa was a world champion for several seconds, until Lewis Hamilton overtook two turns to the finish line, and ended up ahead of the Brazilian by one point.

Among other notorious namesFormula E Championship can be called Lucas Di Grassi, Jean Eric Verne, Sam Bird, Brandon Hartley, Stoffel Vandorn, Sebastian Buemi and many others. Although, I’ll add a fly in the ointment ... The championship should not be overestimated, since some of the pilots participating in the series were only at the top in the past. Now, some of them can be safely called “downed pilots”, reaching their age. Nevertheless, some of them in this series were able to reveal themselves very well.

Racing series are held in different countries on the streets.cities. At one time there was even a stage in Moscow, next to the Kremlin. Now we remembered this racing series due to the fact that from the upcoming season, the first race of which will be held on November 22, the Porsche team will take part in it.

It will look like a car Porsche 99X Electric in Formula E

Neil Jan and Andre Lotterer will represent her,who already worked with the Porsche Hybrid in 2017. The team, in turn, took a logical place among other automakers, including Audi, BMW and Jaguar. It is unlikely that they will have big victories in the debut season, but it's too early to talk about it, but the time has come to talk about the Porsche Taycan presented yesterday. Especially after such a long introduction.

Porsche Taycan Review

We do not review cars, but we love them very much, so just talk about them. In particular, today we’ll talk about the Porsche Taycan, which I have been letting for so long.

To paraphrase a famous saying, you canto say that the automaker who does not dream of becoming a leader in its segment is bad. To do this, you must be the first where all the direction of their business is moving.

No need to run to where the puck is, just run to where it will be! - Steve Jobs

At one time, there was no doubt thatHybrid cars are a temporary measure, which was caused by the need for change and the transition to fully electric cars. Those cars helped to work out many moments and bring a truly electric era closer. This direction is the place where the “puck” will be. While Tesla dominates this field, Audi and its e-trone, and now Porsche, are trying to impose a struggle until they are not very far behind.

Audi e-trone

The undoubted advantage of these manufacturers is the almost bottomless budget that Tesla cannot boast of. It remains only to win back time. Yesterday’s step was aimed precisely at that.

Introduced by the Porsche Taycan has a distinctivefor models of this brand look. The company did not leave him and made the car recognizable, but modern. At the presentation, Mark Weber (former RedBull pilot in Formula 1), who led the event from the studio and talked about all the important points, even played a role. The presentation itself took place simultaneously in Canada, Germany and China. This was supposed to symbolize three renewable sources of energy - water, wind and the sun.

Finally got to the very Porsche Taycan

Of the main characteristics of new items can be notedpower, which is 761 horsepower and provides a maximum speed of 260 km / h and acceleration to hundred in 2.8 seconds. Torque, in this case, is 1050 Nm, and the power reserve is 450 km, which is not so much, but more on that later.

The novelty has already managed to go through the circle about the Northern loopNurburgring with a result of 7 minutes 42 seconds. For comparison, the track record belongs to the prototype Porsche 919 Hibrid Evo, on which Timo Bernhard, a WEC racer, drove a circle in 5 minutes 20 seconds.

The novelty is equipped with fully LED opticsboth front and rear. The muzzle, traditionally for electric vehicles, has a minimum number of holes, since cooling requires significantly fewer elements than in a car with an internal combustion engine. There are only small boomerang-shaped cutouts on the sides for cooling the brakes.

The headlights also have a Porsche corporate identity with four dots in the corners

The brakes themselves are ceramic with an energy recovery system, and around them are 20-inch wheels with a special design for better aerodynamics.

The cabin can be noted for the presence of four displays(one on the dashboard, two on the center console and one above the glove compartment for the passenger). This is the only pleasant moment for passengers. As noted by journalists, there is very little room for those sitting behind. But it was illogical to expect another.

According to journalists who have already managed to sit in the Porsche Taycan, there’s not a lot of space behind

Is a Porsche Taycan better than a Tesla?

After the presentation, many immediately started talking aboutthat Tesla has a serious competitor. Now the company’s affairs should go worse and it will have a lot of pessimistic forecasts from global car journalists and bloggers. In fact, I do not think that this will be so, and there are a number of reasons for this.

Among the main ones, Porsche,although she has vast experience in the automotive industry, she does not have such much experience in this new direction for her. This is a significant minus, since the brainchild of Ilona Mask has already eaten a dog on electric cars.

Moreover, Formula E, which I talked aboutabove, it should begin to bear fruit only in a year or two, when engineers can collect enough data. Given that Audi is already participating in this championship and it also has hybrids, but the e-trone hasn’t yet really appeared, it can be concluded that it’s difficult to make an electric car, even if it’s time to work. There is a high probability that Porsche may not succeed on the move and after a while they will decrease their optimism.

It’s not yet clear what to do with chargingPorsche Taycan. On the one hand, there should not be any problems, but Tesla has long been developing the network of its Super Charge stations. They allow you to charge the car up to 100 percent in half an hour. This is not much longer than refueling a car with gasoline. With her, you also need to walk, pay, wait, and so on. And if you move away to drink coffee and, excuse me, go to the toilet, Tesla will be almost fully charged and will travel another hundred kilometers.

Tesla Model S can drive a couple of hundred kilometers more on a single charge than a Porsche Taycan

Speaking of maximum mileage. At Tesla Model S, it reaches 632 km. It is clear that this is in ideal conditions, but the similar figure for the Porsche Taycan is only 450 km. Not much, is it? Against this background, we can once again recall the charging speed and it will become very sad for the Porsche.

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Yes, the Tesla Model S will not be so powerful (518 hp. against 761 h.p. Porsche Taycan), the acceleration will be good, but not so much (3.8 seconds versus 2.8), but this is enough. For an electric car, mileage and charging time are more important. Tesla is doing fine here. Everything is especially good against the background of the price, which for the Porsche Taycan is 227 thousand dollars, and for the Tesla Model S p100d reaches a maximum of up to 140 thousand dollars.

Tesla also has an autopilot that is already successfullyIt works, although sometimes it leads to tragic failures. Somewhere there was even statistics that the number of accidents involving Tesla in autopilot mode is lower than the number of accidents among cars that are manually controlled. So, not everything is so bad.

The autopilot from Tesla made a lot of noise among people who are not indifferent to cars.

If the Porsche Taycan can show goodthe results, we will only be happy, because industry and potential buyers only benefit from competition, but so far everything does not look so rosy. Especially against the background of the fact that the Tesla Model S is a great full-fledged comfortable car, and the Porsche Taycan tried to make a sports car, but compromise the mass market. They had to offer a car with two rows of seats, otherwise the investment would be too risky. So they can sell them more.

How much is charged electric car through Super Supercharger

It has been said above that TESLA can be chargedvery fast at specialized charging stations. These are found more and more often, and are called TESLA Supercharger, and at the beginning of this year, TESLA Supercharger V3 was also launched. This is the third generation of charging stations, which allows you to fill the TESLA battery twice as fast as the second generation. To achieve this effect, the current output was raised from 120 kW to 145 kW. To combat the heat generated, liquid cooling of important components was applied.

In addition, the new charging station is is free and can charge cars without distributing energy between them, and charging each connected TESLA as quickly as possible. Porsche and AUDI can not yet offer this, and home charging looks a very dubious way, since it requires connecting the car for up to eight hours. Sometimes, if the network fails, you even need to pull a separate connection into the house. During this time, Tesla can be charged, driven 600 kilometers, and recharged. It turns out that Porsche is suitable only for "circle-circle around the area"? It turns out so ...

To optimize the charging process, there is alsoOn-Route Battery Warmup function. Thanks to it, the battery, when the car approaches the charging station, is heated to the optimum temperature. This allows a further 25 percent reduction in charging time. Fiction and more.

Why a Porsche Taycan is better than a regular Porsche

As usual, you can’t get away from comparisonelectric car and a car with an internal combustion engine. In the case of the second, we have a lot of advantages, from quick refueling to greater autonomy.

But, the undoubted advantage of anyelectric car will be easy to operate and maintain due to the lack of many components. Also, “electric trains” have better aerodynamics, since there is no need for a large number of cooling holes.

Porsche Taycan pre-production on track

At this stage, the characteristics are difficulthighlight a clear leader. Both those and other cars have certain advantages, but there is one “but” that personally upsets me very much in general, if we talk about the direction of development of the automotive industry.

Why I do not like electric cars

We already see that cars with electricengines in general are close to each other. Even newcomers to the market offer relatively similar characteristics. Most likely, further the advantage will only be reduced. As a result, we get a picture in which manufacturers turn from designers to ateliers. They will only offer design and various "buns" in the cabin.

The rest of the car will almost cease to be different. The advantages of the gearbox, engine features and much more will be lost. It is very sad, though inevitable. Now manufacturers have almost stopped producing cars with a manual transmission, which I really love, but I was forced to buy a car “on the machine.” A similar situation will be with electric cars. As the number of such cars grows, there will be less and less gas stations, less gas and this direction will be bent. For us old schoolchildren, this is not very good, but for the environment it’s good. Well ... Good luck to the guys from Porsche and other companies working in this direction.