Levia - a stunning lamp with levitating light (18 photos + video)

Large corporations may not always betexperiments on the design of devices. This niche was occupied by small but daring startups. These projects include Levia - a levitating lamp that transmits energy not through a wire, but through electromagnetic induction.

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The authors of the design come from Italy. Designers have tried to make Levia fit into any interior. The lamp body consists of hand-polished expensive Genuine Carrara or Black Marquina marble. That the basis did not slide, it was rubberized. It also built a button on and off. It is sensitive enough that the lamp does not fall from pressing.

Power comes from a standard outlet. It consumes only 3 watts. When turning off the power supply, it is not necessary to catch the lightning lamp, fearing that it will break. The gadget has a mode of gentle magnetization of the “flying” part to the upper part of the device.

The life of the novelty is declared at 50,000working hours. The device emits only warm light, more useful from the point of view of the authors. Levia worth at least € 99. Available in white and black.