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Yandex launched simultaneous translation of live broadcasts in the browser

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new usefulfunctions in a corporate browser. As the press service notes, a unique technology for automatic offscreen translation of live broadcasts on YouTube has been added to the browser.

Иностранные трансляции теперь будут доступны на Russian in real time. While the technology is in open beta testing, it is used to translate broadcasts on a limited number of YouTube channels. Any user of Yandex Browser on a computer can test the technology

As the developers emphasize, it will no longer be necessarywait for the translation video to appear in the recording after the end of the event. Live broadcasts can be watched immediately in Russian online: webinars, business conferences and presentations of large technology companies - for example, Apple's autumn presentation. Automatic voice-over translation of live broadcasts complements the technology of voice translation of video and interactive subtitles.

Dmitry Timko, head of the Yandex and Yandex Browser application, said: We continue to improve technologywhich help to erase language boundaries on the Internet. For example, in 10 months, Yandex Browser users watched 81 million videos with voiceovers. Then we took up the subtitles, and now it's time to translate the live ones. The next step is the translation of streaming broadcasts and videos not only on YouTube, but also, for example, on Twitch. We taught neural networks to translate broadcasts in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Next, we'll add new European language pairs, as well as Chinese, Japanese, and more.

Source: Yandex press release