Your Phone application will allow you to make calls from a PC under Windows 10 (3 photos)

Almost every modern person is constantlyworks on a personal computer, and also has a smartphone, which is an integral part of our lives. However, the management of these devices by various operating systems erected insurmountable obstacles and slightly reduced the effectiveness of gadgets. However, Microsoft made an attempt to integrate the ecosystems of Windows and Android, and recently to the functions of viewing messages and galleries with photos of a smartphone on a computer monitor screen, added the ability to make phone calls directly from a PC, without using a smartphone.

The special application Your Phone, about working onwhich Microsoft reported back in the fall, runs on Windows 10 and will allow the computer owner to select recipients from the smartphone’s phone book, receive and make calls, get acquainted with call histories, and transfer calls from the smartphone to the PC.

At the same time, it must be installed on the smartphonesystem starting from Android 7.0 and higher. On your computer and smartphone, you need to install Your Phone application under a single Microsoft account and synchronize them.

In the future, the application will allow othertasks, including duplicating the smartphone screen on computers. Currently, the full version of Your Phone is available for smartphones running Android; for iPhone owners with iOS, application functions are somewhat limited.

Source: windowscentral