Xiaomi is excluded from the "black list" of the US Department of Defense

Former government of President Trump in JanuaryThis year, it unexpectedly included Xiaomi on the Ministry of Defense's sanctions list, giving it the status of a "Chinese Communist Military Company." As a result, Xiaomi shares could be withdrawn from the US trading exchanges, and the company would lose investment. However, Xiaomi lawyers immediately challenged the decision of the United States authorities. Bloomberg has learned that the government of the new President Biden has met the Chinese company halfway and canceled its inclusion in the "black list" of the Ministry of Defense. Thus, Xiaomi seems to avoid the sad fate of Huawei, which has lost a huge part of the smartphone market as a result of US sanctions.

The Trump government's executive order wassuspended by the decision of the American court in March this year, when the new president Biden came to power. Now, according to Bloomberg, Xiaomi will be completely removed from the sanctions list of companies that the US Department of Defense suspects of espionage and cooperation with the Chinese military.

Joint statement by the US government and Xiaomithe resolution of the conflict should be worked out no later than May 20. Most likely, official comments will appear after this date. Bloomberg now claims that the United States Department of Defense has filed a lawsuit stating that it "would be appropriate" to cancel the order to list Xiaomi on the list of firms associated with China's military-industrial complex.

From the Chinese side, commented on the situationHua Chuning, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said she was not aware of any agreements between Xiaomi and the US authorities. Xiaomi and the Pentagon have not yet clarified the situation and declined to comment.