Steam may appear on consoles this year

The Steam platform has long been for gamingcommunity as a kind of virtual home where you can chat with friends, buy the latest gaming applications and run a variety of computer games. However, such a segment as game consoles remained not covered by Steam services.

Meanwhile, information has recently appeared,hinting that in the near future, game consoles will also join the number of devices that support the popular gaming platform. The hint came from Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, which created Steam.

During an interview at Newell School of New Zealandanswered questions from teenagers, one of whom asked directly if it was possible to hope for the introduction of Steam for gamers using game consoles. To this question, a little confused Gabe answered evasively, saying that the situation would clear up by the end of this year.

Previously on Steam, there were already hints of the possibleexpanding the audience by attracting console players. A few years ago, Big Picture mode became available on the platform, allowing players to use TVs and play with joysticks.