The face-to-face duel of the flagships Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max took place (video)

There are currently in the smartphone markettwo undisputed leaders, Samsung and Apple, offering the consumer top-end flagship devices. The flagships of the companies smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which have not only different operating systems, but also different hardware platforms, met in a face-to-face duel in the test of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, which checked the most interesting indicator for the consumer - the speed of the smartphone.

PhoneBuff specialists to eliminatehuman factor when testing the launch speed of a series of applications, use a robotic arm. The tests were also carried out in a room with a controlled temperature regime, excluding the influence of the thermal factor on the performance of the processors. The S21 Ultra has been tested with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

As suggested on the PhoneBuff YouTube channelThe video shows that at the beginning of the competition, the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone even took the lead for a short time. However, later the iPhone 12 Pro Max overtook the rival and completed the first stage of the test with an advantage of 8 seconds. The second stage also remained with the representative of Apple, but the advantage was less significant and was only 3 seconds.

The total time taken for the entire test forThe Galaxy S21 Ultra was 2 minutes 40 seconds, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max was 2 minutes 29 seconds. Thus, the Apple device worked faster, but for the consumer, such a slight advantage, when launching one application, will be almost invisible.