Boeing and Disney create an active X-Wing fighter from Star Wars (2 videos)

US Entertainment Industry Gets Uniquehi-tech entertainment inspired by one of the most popular science fiction epics Star Wars. A demonstration of the fruits of the joint technical creativity of the Walt Disney Company and Boeing was held in one of Disneyland's amusement parks. Viewers were shown a working model of the fantastic X-Wing space fighter, which first appeared in the Star Wars universe.

With a high degree of probability inside the fighter,very realistically demonstrating a vertical take-off in Disneyland Park, there is one of the versions of the Boeing “Cargo Air Vehicle” (CAV), which was introduced by the corporation last year and is capable of lifting about 227 kg of payload. The dimensions of the standard CAV device are comparable to a large SUV (length 5.33 meters and height 1.52 meters). The wingspan is 6.1 meters, and the power plant uses 6 double electric propellers. In this case, the drone lifted a model of a formidable fighter with cruciform wings, so easily recognizable by Star Wars fans, as cargo.

Last year for Boeing Corporation was extremelyunsuccessful, which was affected by a number of crash Boeing-737 Mach. Therefore, to complete the year 2019, the company tried on a positive note by presenting hidden advertising in Disneyland. It has also recently announced plans to work with Porsche to create flying cars as well as an unmanned cargo vehicle.

Source: Twitter