The Chinese cloned a dog-shaped robot MIT Mini Cheetah and sell it for 16 thousand dollars (3 photos)

Chinese engineers are known for their ability to successfully andaccurately clone many technical devices, ranging from fountain pens to aircraft carriers. One of these copying results recently appeared on sale on AliExpress. The famous four-legged robot MIT Mini Cheetah was copied and is now sold for 16 thousand dollars (a little more than 1 million rubles).

Dog-like mechanism presented onChinese site, made of durable aluminum alloy and has a mass of 9 kg along with a battery. Dimensions of the robot named MIC-01A: length 500 mm, width 240 mm, standing height 300 mm. The robot can transport 3.5 kg.

The MIC-01A mechanism is controlled by open-source ROS, Windows or Liunx operating systems and allows the robot to run, jump, perform acrobatic somersaults, and deploy on the spot.

The robot mechanism is powered by a 140Wh battery, which guarantees 3 hours of continuous battery life. The movement is provided by V3 engines.

Source / Buy: Aliexpress