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Tesla coil - ingenious invention, conspiracy theory and the Tunguska meteorite

Surely you at least once with the edge of your ear heard thatthere is such a thing as a "Tesla coil". Someone simply does not understand what it is, others think that it has something to do with Elon Musk's cars, and still others assume that this is something from a book about cutting and sewing. And only a few really know what it is, and the fact that this invention of the century before last could turn the whole world of energy, but still has not done it. Rumor has it that it was this invention of the brilliant Nikola Tesla that caused the "fall of the Tunguska meteorite". However, I would not be in a hurry to say that the catastrophe of that time was man-made. Now the Tesla coil is known to you for the colorful shows that are arranged in the circles of physics lovers. Remember? Where lightning strikes between cells with people. All this is superficial, but what exactly is a Tesla coil? Is this an ingenious invention or sheer dust in your eyes?

Tesla's coil is more interesting than it might seem at first glance.


  • 1 What is Tesla coil
  • 2 Tesla Coil in simple words
  • 3 What is the Tesla coil for?
  • 4 Why nobody develops a Tesla coil
  • 5 Where Tesla Coils Are Used
  • 6 Tesla and the Tunguska meteorite
  • 7 How to make a Tesla coil

What is Tesla Coil

I must say right away that in the description of this relativelya simple device has several words that are quite difficult for an unprepared person. They belong to the electrician, and the majority, even if they have heard them, will not immediately understand what they mean. Therefore, I will give two descriptions. One of them will be ordinary, with a slight bias towards the technical side, and the second, as they say, on the fingers.

10 proofs that Nikola Tesla was the god of science

So, scientifically speaking, the Tesla coil(or Tesla's transformer) is a device invented by Nikola Tesla. Therefore, it is logical that he was given his name. Moreover, he even has a patent in the name of the great physicist. It was issued on September 22, 1896. In the patent, the invention is called "Apparatus for the production of electric currents of high frequency and potential". In fact, everything should be clear from this application. This is a device that is a resonant transformer that produces high voltage at high frequency.

The ingenious inventor not only came up with a coil of his own name, but also patented it.

The devices are based on resonant standing electromagnetic waves. Now you will understand how it is!

The device has two conductor coils, a primary and a secondary. AT primary winding usually a small number of turns. Along with it are a capacitor and a spark gap. This part of the device must be grounded.

Secondary winding Is a straight coil of wire.When the oscillation frequencies of the primary winding oscillatory circuit coincide with the natural oscillations of the secondary winding standing waves, resonance and a standing electromagnetic wave occur. As a result, a high alternating voltage appears between the ends of the coil.

A simplified Tesla coil looks like this.

In fact, everything is quite simple if you understand the principle of operation of the laws of physics, on which the operation of the device is based, but here, as promised, a simpler explanation.

Tesla coil in simple words

Imagine a pendulum with a heavy load.If you put it into motion, pushing at a certain moment at one point, then the amplitude will increase as the effort increases. But if you find a point at which the movement will enter into resonance, then the amplitude will grow many times over. In the case of a pendulum, it is limited by the parameters of the suspension, but if we are talking about voltage, then it can grow almost indefinitely. Under normal conditions, there is an increase in voltage tens and even hundreds of times, reaching millions of volts even in far from the most powerful devices.

Mars has electricity, but where does it come from?

Example simple explanation familiar to all of us from childhood.Remember when we used to swing someone on a swing? So, we pushed the swing at the point at which it accelerated downward as quickly as possible. This is a rough but generally correct explanation for the resonance used in the Tesla coil.

Resonance can do great things. Including electricity.

Nikola Tesla himself as the main elementsused a capacitor that was connected to a power source. It was he who fed the primary winding, from which a resonance arose in the secondary. It was only important to choose the right frequency of the current "at the input" and the material for the secondary winding. If they do not correspond to each other, then there will be no increase in voltage at all or it will be extremely insignificant.

What is a Tesla coil for?

We'll come back to visual effects later, asthey are only an illustration of the operation of the device, and initially it was created in order to transmit electrical energy over a distance without wires. This is exactly what one of the most mysterious scientists in history was doing.

Because of what lightning strikes and how it appears

This is not classified information andfound in various documents of the time. The bottom line is that if you install enough powerful Tesla coils a few kilometers from each other, they can transfer energy and solve many problems, and an increase in voltage and frequency from almost nothing can solve many energy problems.

Tesla's coil can potentially transmit energy over long distances.

Given some of the properties of the device, it caneven to refute a number of proofs that the creation of a perpetual motion machine is impossible. I have already told how and who tried to create it, but in some way it was the Tesla coil, under certain conditions, could become one of its components.

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Why nobody develops a Tesla coil

To say that someone is seriously dealing with the issuedevelopment of technology, it is impossible. Maybe it is not so attractive in industrial applications, or maybe it is only needed by the military. There is no exact answer to this question, but it is the military who work a lot in this direction.

It's that simple!If you properly "fire up" the Tesla coil, it can burn all the electronics at a very great distance. Even the simplest home-made layouts can disable household appliances, which already speaks of really powerful installations.

There are many reasons why Tesla coils are not developing efficiently enough - from insufficient demand to secrecy and danger.

The real application of the Tesla coil is onlyin shows that are based on electrical special effects. It is believed that their use is safe for humans, but at the same time it allows you to create colorful purple lightning that can be seen literally in front of you. This is very effective and makes many children get carried away by science.

Where Tesla coils are applied

The coils themselves or their action is applied insome areas of life. In addition to the rooms described above, the created high voltage lightning can be used in colorful lamps that can be touched by the hand, and the discharge will tend to it.

Interesting and little-known facts about lightning

The lightning created can show you where you aredamage to the vacuum system - they always tend to the place of leakage. The effect finds its place even in cosmetology. The fact is that the parameters of the current in the Tesla coil are relatively safe for a person and only walk along the surface of the skin, lightly "piercing" it from the inside. Devices based on this effect can stimulate and tone the skin, solving some problems with veins, wrinkles and other unpleasant changes. But a professional should use such devices, since they cannot be called completely safe.

Tesla coils are even used in cosmetology.

Tesla and the Tunguska meteorite

More than a lot has been said about the Tunguska meteorite,and I will not now retell the story of this incident in detail. I will only say that not everyone believes in a meteorite, a natural phenomenon, the wreck of an alien ship, a collision with the Earth of a miniature black hole (there is also such a version) or the test of some kind of weapon. Many are sure that the catastrophe was connected precisely with Nikola Tesla's attempt to transmit energy over a long distance.

Personally, I am quite happy with this version.skeptical, but if a scientist was able to create a device that could create such, then just imagine the potential had the technologies he created, which we now use for entertainment.

Tesla's coil carries not only beauty, but also danger.

There is no direct evidence or clear denials of Nikola Tesla's guilt in the explosion in Siberia. Therefore, we will leave the version by conspiracy theorists or ordinary people to develop fantasy.

What causes static electricity.

How to make a Tesla coil

In fact, it was somewhat incorrectdescribe how to make such a device at home on your own, as it can be very dangerous for both people and home appliances. It's enough just to know that it is possible and YouTube is full of videos about how to join this phenomenon.

I will only add that to create a miniature coil, it is enough to acquire a few things that can be found in the garage more or less thrifty "homemade".

A home-made Tesla coil can even light bulbs next to it.

In fact you will need only power supply, small capacitor,a small coil of conductor for the primary winding, a couple of hundred meters of thin copper enameled wire for the secondary winding, a dielectric pipe for winding it, and that's it.

If you decide to do something like this, then in each video they will more accurately tell you what is needed for the experiment. But remember that without special training it can be deadly.