Scientists say 25 cups of coffee a day will not harm your heart.

Today, coffee is for manypeople almost the main drink in their lives. Many, as they say, start the morning with coffee, and the number of coffee shops and other establishments offering to enjoy a fragrant drink even in the smallest city is incalculable. Some people drink 2 or even 3 cups of coffee a day. But a group of researchers from the UK recently reported that even 25 cups of coffee a day does not bear much harm. How did they come to that conclusion?

Is coffee harmful?

First, let's see what is dangerous coffee. Strictly speaking, it is not the drink itself that is dangerous, but the caffeine contained in it, which has a tonic effect on the central nervous system and also affects the functioning of the heart. When caffeine enters the bloodstream, the heart begins to work faster.

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Moreover, it affects caffeine and tonevessels. Some vessels expand. For example, vessels of the heart, muscles, or kidneys. That is, they relax, thereby providing a "relaxing" effect. On the other hand, caffeine provokes an adrenaline rush into the bloodstream, and this contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels and an increase in pressure. Thus, when caffeine enters the bloodstream, a kind of “charging” occurs, when the vessels contract and relax. This is especially dangerous in the presence of vascular and heart diseases. But experts from the UK do not think so.

How much coffee can you drink per day?

During the British conferenceCardiovascular Society in Manchester some time ago, a group of scientists from Queen Mary University of London made a presentation. According to their report, during a large-scale study, it turned out that the participants in the experiment, who drank up to 25 cups of coffee a day, did not have any deviations in their state of health compared with those who did not. Scientists recruited 8,412 people from different parts of the UK and divided them into 3 groups:

  • The first group consisted of those who drink less than one cup of coffee a day.
  • The second is from those who drink from one to three cups a day.
  • And the third is from those who drink more than three cups of coffee a day. Some people in the latter group drank up to 25 cups a day, although the average number of cups per person in this group was five.

All participants in the last study weresubjected to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the heart and blood vessels. The study also took into account such factors as age, weight, and whether a person smokes or not. As a result, the researchers found that even those who drank up to 25 cups of coffee per day did not have qualitative signs of damage to the cardiovascular system in comparison with people from the first group who practically did not drink coffee.

"We could not identify a causal linkbetween the lesion of the heart and blood vessels and drinking coffee. Of course, the harmful effects of huge doses of caffeine on the body cannot be ruled out, but still it seems to us that the information about this is greatly exaggerated. ”

For our part, we still do not advise you.drink 25 cups of coffee a day or more. Remember that in all you need to know when to stop. Well, if you want to have a good time over a cup of coffee (one!), Be sure to visit our Telegram news channel.