Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S10 family on February 20

The tenth generation of Samsung flagship smartphones will be unveiled shortly before the opening of the MWC exhibition in Barcelona. Officially announced the date of the announcement - February 20.

Samsung Galaxy S10 associates will be presentedlive in San Francisco, the rest of the world can watch the presentation online. Judging by the teaser character, we should expect an oval cut in the screen - no wonder that the number “10” was decided to be laid on its side.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Olixar Covers)

It is, in fact, expected - from the eldest of the family, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

This year, smartphones in the line should appearnot two, as usual, but three at once: the younger Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite should be added to the traditional Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. It is assumed that he will only get a flat screen - the displays of the other two devices are bent at the edges.

Galaxy S10 Family (@ VenyaGeskin1)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will own a screen.with a diagonal of 5.8 ″, the S10 will get a 6.1-inch, the older model will receive a 6.4 ″ screen. In all three holes for the camera are cut, but only for the S10 Plus - for the double one, the other two will cost a single front camera.

Tatyana Kobelskaya