Robots taught the skill of playing "Jangu" (video)

Anyone who played the Jenga board game(Jenga, she is “The Tower”), knows that she demands from the participants maximum concentration of attention, patience and dexterity simultaneously. Now these qualities have become familiar with the industrial robot ABB IRB 120, the manipulators of which were equipped with soft grippers, force-sensitive sensors and cameras.

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Modified the robot engineers from MassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT). Their development is able to determine the optimal course and independently shift the wooden bars in the tower so that it does not collapse. The peculiarity of the improved robot is that it understands the physics of the real world and simulates the methods and behavior of humans. For example, with the help of visual and tactile feedback, he identifies the most vulnerable points of the tower, testing them with a small nudge of a suspicious block. If the guess is confirmed, the robot remembers the result and pulls out a better item.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but the robot does not know howcompete with man. In addition, it will already be a dishonest match, because the robot has much better memory and algorithms, and the manipulators are not subject to even the slightest tremor, unlike the hands of man. Why, then, was it necessary to refine the robot? The answer is simple, the technique can be useful in creating robots that are necessary for demining dangerous objects, for working in manufacturing or in the medical / chemical industry, for analyzing the ocean depths and studying the surface of space objects.