Robot vacuum cleaner 360 Botslab P7

Contents of delivery

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging station
  • Wet cleaning cloth
  • Tank for wet cleaning (optional, for dry already installed)
  • cleaning tool
  • Remote control
  • Instruction


  • Cleaning type - dry / combined dry / wet
  • Dimensions - 320x320x76 mm
  • Battery Li-Ion 2600 mAh, operating time - up to 90 minutes, up to 120 square meters of cleaning
  • Voice control - Alice
  • Voice prompts in Russian
  • Dust container capacity - 0.68 liters for dry cleaning
  • Dust container capacity for combined cleaning - 260 ml for dry garbage, 350 ml for water
  • Suction power - 2700 Pa
  • Fine filter HEPA
  • Room map, restricted areas
  • Return to docking station to recharge
  • Zoning
  • Gyroscope and built-in camera

Robotic vacuum cleaners have become commonplace devices inour apartments, but many people buy such an assistant for the first time, choose a budget solution to make it cheap and cheerful. The main parameter that affects the quality of cleaning here is the suction power plus the ability to get under the tables, that is, the low profile of the robot itself. Wet cleaning is a nice bonus, but here you need to understand that it is best to do it under supervision, since you will need to remove the water tank, and at the same time put a napkin from the robot to dry, it does not know how to dry itself.

Chinese company 360 Smart Life GroupI tried to create a budget robot vacuum cleaner that will look interesting in terms of price / quality ratio. The company has many different smart home devices, and the robot is becoming one of them. And it doesn’t matter if you have other household appliances under the 360 ​​brand or not, the robot will work perfectly in splendid isolation, it can be integrated with a smart speaker controlled by Alice, then you can give it commands by voice. Let's take a look at the robot and the package.

The robot vacuum cleaner comes in a compact and simple package.

Inside is a glossy black case, you need to free it from the shipping tape, which protects the surface from scratches.

The instruction is in Russian, it is very simple and clear. You need to assemble the robot, put the brushes that are right there in the box.

Even a child can handle the installation of the robot,the main thing is to pay attention to where you put the docking station. On the one hand, you need to choose a place where there are no other objects around, not on the road. On the other hand, place it so as not to bump into it, and if you have pets, so that the station does not interfere with them or, on the contrary, does not attract their attention.

The Botslab app has been updated sincewhat was in previous models, there are new options. When setting up for the first time, remember to flip the switch on the robot body to turn it on. I want to emphasize separately that the presence of a physical switch, a mechanical toggle switch, is a big plus for a vacuum cleaner: you can turn it off when you go on vacation or a business trip.

The wheels of the robot are large enough to move on different surfaces, whether it is parquet or carpet.

The vacuum cleaner is compact, its height is 7.6 centimeters, it is guaranteed to pass under the furniture, which allows you to increase the cleaning area. The built-in camera has a viewing angle of 166 degrees, which, together with 11 sensors, allows you to build a detailed map of the premises, select areas in the application where you want to clean the premises, and set restricted areas. Up to two maps can be stored in the memory of the vacuum cleaner, which you can then edit.

The vacuum cleaner comes with two containers, onefor dry cleaning (0.68 liters), the second for wet cleaning. By default, there is a container for dry cleaning, it is enough for a full cleaning of an apartment of 70-80 square meters, although it all depends on the degree of pollution.

Suction power - 2700 Pa, while there isfour modes of operation, it is best to leave the vacuum cleaner in automatic mode. But if you have strong pollution, you haven’t cleaned for a long time, then set the maximum power - the operating time will then be reduced from 90 minutes to about half an hour, but the vacuum cleaner will collect all the dust and pollution that it encounters on its way. Most people will be fine with the automatic mode.

The zigzag brush can be easily cleaned fromhair or wool, if any, get on it, as well as the vacuum cleaner has a fine HEPA filter, it can be removed and cleaned without difficulty, the container can be washed under running water, it is best to do this from time to time.

For wet cleaning, you need to install a secondcontainer, water is poured into it, and a napkin is installed, which will wash the floor. Everything is simple here, and there are no special tricks, the tank does not snot, there are no water stains on the floor, the cleaning is going right.

Includes a remote control,you can control the robot from it, which will be convenient for older people. It is enough to be close to the robot, the remote control will not work from another room.

Outwardly, 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner P7 does not look like a budget robot, and in terms of the application, the availability of cards and all the features associated with them, it stands out among inexpensive models.

Returning to the docking station is not difficulttask, the robot recharges quickly, and during the day you can clean your apartment several times - but you hardly need such a frequency. Usually the robot is launched by force once a day. You can not clean all the rooms, but choose those that require attention. In gentle mode, continuous cleaning time is up to 90 minutes, in the most intensive mode - about half an hour, then the robot returns to the station to charge. If cleaning has not been completed, it will resume after charging. Tips in Russian become a pleasant moment, you can select them in the application menu.

A big plus of 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner P7 is thatthat it is adapted to the Russian market, and the company provides warranty service throughout Russia. At $11,000, the 360 ​​Robot Vacuum Cleaner P7 offers good value for money and could be an interesting purchase for those looking for their first robot vacuum cleaner or wanting to buy an inexpensive device to complement the ones they already have.

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