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Virgin Galactic introduced VSS Imagine. This is the new aircraft for space tourism

If in the future you have an extra 250,000dollars and you want to fly into space as a tourist, contact Virgin Galactic. Most likely, she will be the leader in space tourism, because at the moment she has very serious intentions. The company has been testing the VSS Unity ship for several years in a row, which someday will allow you to look at our planet from a height of 100 kilometers and even experience zero gravity. But that's not all - on March 30, the company unveiled the VSS Imagine aircraft, which looks even cooler. Most likely, it will be much more powerful and more comfortable than the first model, and a ticket for it will cost more. But so far this is only an assumption, and now we can only say with certainty that he is very beautiful. Spaceplane VSS Imagine has a mirrored body that reflects the entire surrounding area. We know a few more details about the new product, which we will now talk about.

New spaceplane from Virgin Galactic - VSS Imagine

Spaceplane Is an aircraft that is launched into Earth's orbitwith the help of launch vehicles or a powerful booster aircraft. Virgin Galactic now has two spaceplanes: VSS Unity and VSS Imagine. To put them into orbit, most likely, the White Knight Two carrier aircraft will be used.

New aircraft for space tourism

The VSS Imagine spaceplane belongs to a completelynew family of aircraft SpaceShipThree. Its technical characteristics are still unknown, the company has shared only general information about the new product. It is reported that the new model will be faster than the previous one, and its maintenance will be significantly simplified. And all because the structure is made according to the "modular principle" - the component parts can be easily replaced. This innovation should also shorten the time between flights. Let's say that the spaceplane makes one flight, lands and in a few days will be ready to take a new group of tourists into the air.

VSS Imagine is "modular"

According to Virgin Group founder RichardBranson, the Imagine spaceplane is not just beautiful to look at. It marks the first time ever that Virgin Galactic's aircraft fleet is growing. He hopes that the tourists who have been thanks to them in space will return to Earth with new ideas that will have a good impact on the future of the planet. The entrepreneur is thinking in a very right direction. Perhaps when people see our planet from afar, they will realize the importance of keeping it clean.

Another VSS Imagine photo. This is a real photo, not an artist's invention!

Previously, Virgin Galactic has already openedsale of tickets for the VSS Unity plane. One seat costs about $ 250,000. Inside the aircraft, there are 6 lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum seats. Each seat is equipped with a display that shows information about speed, altitude and other flight parameters. There are also 12 windows in the cabin, surrounded by soft walls that protect passengers from accidental injury. On top of all this, there is a huge mirror and several cameras inside the plane to capture the highlights of the flight. What is there to tell? We have detailed material on the interior of a space tourism aircraft - read here. There is even a video inside.

VSS Unity aircraft interior

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Most likely, the interior of the new VSS Imagine will bethe same. After all, why should designers come up with something new when a good project already exists? What is most interesting at the moment is how much the ticket prices for VSS Unity and VSS Imagine will differ. The new aircraft is not yet ready for flight, because ground tests must first be carried out. In the summer it will be lifted into the air on a carrier and released into free flight without turning on the engines. The VSS Imagine aircraft will have to land at the America Cosmodrome in New Mexico.