Redmi becomes independent brands

The year began with a statement by Xiaomi that the name of the younger smartphone line, Redmi, will become an independent brand.
The official start of the independent life of Redmi is scheduled for January 10, when, apparently, the first “independent” Redmi-smartphone will be presented.

It is assumed that the smartphone, which fellThe honor of opening a new period of the brand’s history is called Redmi Pro 2. Only one thing is known about it - there is a number “48” among its characteristics. Based on the fact that devices with a new Sony IMX586 camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels just began to appear on the market, the conclusion is that the new product is equipped with exactly such a sensor.

At the same time, the device is credited with a screen with a hole,although this is absolutely not necessary. They talk about a new Snapdragon 675 chipset - it was introduced in October last year, but so far no model has come out.

It is assumed that Redmi will remain a brand forsmartphones budget and mid-level, while the name Mi will remain for the top-end devices, and POCO - for the clever, but affordable. Since the main sales are not given by top-end devices, Redmi should become the main smartphone brand of the company. It seems that Redmi for Xiaomi will be about the same as Honor for Huawei - a brand with its subgroups for very inexpensive devices, more powerful devices and flagship devices, though not the highest, but more than a solid level.


Tatyana Kobelskaya