Apple Expands Repair Base With Independent Repair Shops

For owners of modern smartphones, it’s importantthe condition for the brand’s popularity is the presence of an extensive, professional network of repair shops. Previously, Apple limited the rights of iPhone owners, allowing repair devices, only in specially certified centers. At the same time, third-party repair companies were persecuted. In particular, the batteries of individual iPhone models that were replaced at third-party service centers have recently been blocked.

However, Apple's current leadershipmade a wise decision, and went to meet the numerous requests of customers, expanding the network of services in which the service of Cupertin's equipment is available.

Two years ago, the company already went toThe relaxation of its policy regarding the service of smartphones with displays from third-party manufacturers, in 2019 received permission to repair iPhones with batteries from other companies. From now on, Apple’s policy regarding the repair of products with an expired warranty period provides for access to third-party service centers.
Relaxation concerns the most commonrepair cases for devices with an expired warranty period. At the same time, independent service centers participating in the Apple program are provided with branded spare parts, accessories, staff training and diagnostic devices are delivered.

Such an innovation, the Apple manual explainsthe interests of consumers, who must be sure of a reliable and qualified post-warranty service of equipment. Participation in the program is free, but an independent service must be accredited and have at least one certified Apple specialist capable of qualified repairs. The program is currently available only in the United States, but will be expanded to other countries in the future.

Source: apple