New DualSense Gamepad Announced for Future PlayStation 5 Console

Competitive competition between future consolesSony and Microsoft, scheduled for release at the end of 2020, are gaining momentum. In the next announcement, Sony Corporation revealed information about the new wireless controller for the PlayStation 5, which was called DualSense. At the same time, the opinion previously circulated among PlayStation fans that the new gamepad will be called DualShock 5 was refuted.

In the DualSense presentation, developers fromSony Corp. notes that the DualShock 4 controller, released in 2013, has gained well-deserved popularity among gamers and has become one of the best gamepads for the PlayStation. In this regard, it was decided to save most of the design and functions of the device, adding new functionalities and small improvements to the appearance.

The first thing that pays attention toThe official DualSense image is an updated color solution for the case, implemented in two contrasting colors - black and white. Probably, Sony designers in the future will diversify the color scheme of gamepads. Meanwhile, the presented model looks more compact and visually accurate compared to DualShock 4. At the same time, we can note some external similarities with the controller of the competitor Xbox.

Developers do not disclose technicaldetails of the new controller. You may notice that the “Share” button will be replaced on the DualSense front panel with the “Create” button to enable the creation of game content.

The lightbar needed to work with PS VR andMotion Control received a modified design and is located under the touch panel, which leads to soft light scattering on the left and right. The PS button is made in the form of the PlayStation logo.

Significant improvements have affected the process.vibration feedback, which uses the new adopted haptic feedback tactile feedback technology, which replaces the Rumble vibration technology used in all previous PlayStation models. Adaptive triggers have been added for large L2 and R2 buttons (triggers) on DualSense, allowing players to effectively realize the tension of the actions performed, for example, when pulling a bowstring in a game.

According to developers in DualSense increasedbattery life compared to the previous model, but its mass is reduced. The controller is charged using the USB-C connector. Microphones integrated into the gamepad allow the player to negotiate with friends without using a headset

More detailed technical parameters andprice information will be provided later, closer to the PlayStation 5 launch on the market, scheduled for the Christmas holidays 2020. Recall that at the time of the release of the DualShock 4 gamepad, its price was $ 60.