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Sea levels are rising, but why aren't beaches getting smaller?

Scientists from all cracks tell us about the dangerglobal warming. Not only that, due to the increase in air temperature, many species of animals and plants may disappear, but because of this, huge glaciers are melting, which leads to an increase in the level of the world ocean. According to scientists, as a result of all this, some cities may be under water by 2050. However, there are a huge number of people in the world who flatly refuse to believe in global warming. One of the main arguments is that most of the beaches on our planet are increasing in size. Indeed, if you look at satellite images, at least the beaches of Australia are only getting bigger over the years. So maybe there really is no global warming? Let's figure it out.

Due to global warming, beaches should disappear, but why haven't any negative changes been noticed so far?

How is the sea level increasing?

Scientists regularly share reports of meltingglaciers, and we often write about it. As a result of melting, huge blocks of ice turn into water and enter the world's oceans, which leads to an increase in its level. This process has been observed since the middle of the 19th century, and only over the past century the level of the world ocean has risen by 17 centimeters. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), this process is accelerating over time:

  • from 1901 to 1971 the water level increased annually by 1.3 millimeters;
  • from 1971 to 2006 the indicator increased to 1.9 millimeters;
  • from 2006 to 2018 The sea level is rising by 3.7 millimeters.

According to the researchers, if you do not takemeasures to reduce emissions and slow down global warming, by 2100 the level of the world seas could rise up to 1 meter. This will lead to the flooding of many coastal cities and, consequently, people will begin to live in more cramped conditions.

In the future, coastal cities may be under water


Why are the beaches getting bigger?

With all this, on satellite images of the defiantthere is no fear of change. Recently, Australian scientists studied photographs of 15 major Queensland beaches - shots from the 1930s were taken from a bird's eye view, and new ones were sent by space satellites. Despite the almost 20 cm rise in the world's oceans, every beach they explored grew in size. In addition, the scientists looked at images of the coastal regions of Africa and Southeast Asia, and found that they, too, are increasing in size over time.

The beach in the Australian city of Coolangatta has only gotten bigger over time.

Scientists quickly found an explanation for thisphenomenon. In their opinion, the beaches do not disappear against the backdrop of rising sea levels because the beaches are regularly fed with additional sand. First of all, this happens by itself, thanks to river sediments - water flows from rivers constantly carry solid mineral particles over long distances and often they settle on the shore. Also, people themselves try to keep the beaches in good condition, because they are often a good source of income.

Change Australian beach Bukasia

As an example, scientists cited the AustralianBukasia beach. According to them, it increased in size due to sediment from a nearby river. And Coolangatta Beach hasn't shrunk in size due to human interference - additional sand supplies have been brought in to prevent the disappearance of a place of rest for a huge number of people.

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Can there be a global flood?

So one of the arguments of people who do notbelieve in global warming, can be considered destroyed. The level of the world's oceans is constantly rising, and this is a very dangerous phenomenon. At the moment, nothing terrible is happening to many beaches, but in the future everything may change for the worse. A little higher, I already noted that the rate of replenishment of water in the world's oceans is increasing almost every decade. If the pace continues, rivers will no longer be able to maintain beaches in the future. Moreover, even people will not have time to cope with this.

Will the houses of the future look like this?

But personally I dare to suggest that in the futurepeople will still be able to solve the problem of rising sea levels. Yes, it will be very difficult and this phenomenon can take many lives, but this is unlikely to lead to the complete extinction of people. After all, people today quite quickly raise sand and other rocks from under the water and even create artificial islands. Moreover, we learned how to do this thousands of years ago - I already talked about the oldest artificial island in this material (if you have read up to this point, be sure to read it!). What do you think, will we be able to survive with the complete flooding of the land and what will it look like? Write in the comments.