Neural networks revived Mona Lisa and other celebrities (video)

Artificial intelligence technology penetratesall spheres of human life, allowing you to see the world from an unusual perspective. Using the capabilities of neural networks in painting allowed us to see the dynamic mysterious smile of Gioconda Leonardo da Vinci, enjoy the joy on the face of the born Venus Botticelli and adopt the farmer’s anxiety from the famous “American Gothic” Wood.

In a demo posted inInternet, examples of the use of the power of artificial intelligence in the process of "revitalizing" the characters of the most famous paintings. The computer mind creates images that are most relevant to the visual ideas of the authors of art paintings and conveys the vivid emotions of the characters.

The use of neural networks allowed in a new wayto see many of the images that are familiar to us, and the high quality of performance indicates broad prospects that open up to artificial intelligence in the field of fine art.