Motorola has denied the results of testing the RAZR 2019 for cyclic opening (video)

Test results publishedCNET reporters in order to identify the number of real cycles that the Motorola RAZR (2019) hinge can withstand do not correspond to reality, representatives of Motorola said. The main reason for the extremely low survivability of the swivel, according to the company of the manufacturer of the clamshell smartphone, is a violation of the purity of the experiment.

CNET Test Resultsshowed that RAZR (2019) withstands only 27 thousand folding-unloading cycles, instead of the 100 thousand declared by the manufacturer. A CNET test in early February shows that with an average amount of opening a smartphone 50 times a day, RAZR (2019) after 18 months of working with a swivel, problems will begin.

Engineers refuting experiment resultsMotorola indicate that testing was conducted on SquareTrade's FoldBot equipment, which is not designed to test the Motorola RAZR (2019). During testing on the FoldBot, the hinge was overloaded, and the smartphone did not open and did not close properly.

Motorola representatives believe that FoldBot does notallowed smartphones to fully open, while closing the device, efforts were made at one point. As a result, the hinge was extremely heavily loaded, which was the reason for its failure until the number of cycles declared by Motorola was reached.

Consumers will be able to test the strength of the Motorola RAZR (2019) hinge after February 19, when the smartphone will go on sale for $ 1499.