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A strange jelly-like substance was found on the moon

When on July 28, 2019 the Chinese lunokhod Yutu-2preparing to enter sleep mode, researchers from the Beijing aerospace flight control center found a mysterious gel-like substance on images from the main rover camera, the only photograph of which excited the scientific world in August this year. What exactly can a mysterious substance be and where did it come from on the dark side of the moon?

Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2

Lunar find of the Chinese rover

According to the portal, the Chinese lunar rover “Yutu-2” is the first lunar rover in the world that could successfully lunarize on the dark side of our satellite. In order to protect the device from overheating during a lunar day, experts decided to temporarily euthanize the rover next to one of the craters, in which a mysterious substance was found, noticeably different in color from the surrounding gray lunar substance - regolith.

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According to experts, a mysterious substance canbe dark glass, which was formed as a result of the impact of a high-speed meteorite on the dusty surface of the moon. It is known that meteorites are capable of transforming minerals into shiny glass that refracts light. Dan Moriarty, an employee of the NASA Postdoctoral Program at the Goddard Space Flight Center, noted that the material found is embedded in larger and darker areas, which may indicate its mineralogical origin.

By the way, the discovered find is notthe only lunar riddle. So, the discovery on the natural Earth satellite of the network of the mysterious moonlit tunnels and caves can not only shed light on the origin of the moon, but can also help astronauts one day create the first space base. Read more about this in the article The last discovery on the moon increases the chances of creating a lunar base.

The substance found by the Chinese lunar rover can be mineral or glass

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Despite the fact that the main purpose of the missionChinese lunar rover Yutu-2 is a study of the chemical composition of lunar rocks and soil, as well as research in the field of radio astronomy and observation of solar activity and cosmic radiation, experts from the Beijing control center promise to give more information about the discovered substance immediately after the rover leaves the daytime hibernation " In other words, in the near future, one lunar riddle may become smaller.