Hush - the perfect blanket for a comfortable sleep (3 photos + video)

Inventors have come up with a "smart" blanket that helpssleep better. The development called Hush is based on the technology of deep sensory pressure therapy. It implies an insignificant pressure on the whole body of a person, such as a strong hug, from which he relaxes. This helps you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

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The pressure is simulated by a blanket thanks toweight distribution, similar to enveloping a person. That is why such a blanket has to choose by weight, and not by size. So, the weight of the minimum model Hush is 7 kilograms. The blanket is suitable for users from 45 to 75 kilograms. Larger people or couples will require heavier models.

A lightweight blanket model was also presented.Hush ice. It is based on the same approach of sensory pressure. However, it is more efficiently cooled. At the same time the body cools down faster to a comfortable non-dangerous temperature. Indeed, in a dream, the temperature of a human body decreases (therefore, it is harder to fall asleep during heat).

The simplest and smallest model of the novelty is offered for $ 139. The option with cooling will cost $ 149. Hush will begin to deliver the blanket in the middle of summer.