How to buy a TV correctly: which Smart TV to choose

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  • Which platform to choose for smart TV?</ p>
    • The nuances of purchasing a smart TV
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    briefly: why Salyut TV and not another platform
  • What is smart about Smart TV from Sberbank?</ p>
    • Versatility
  • Installing a variety of applications!
  • What to watch?</ p>
    • All streaming services
    • TV channels
    • Video on the Internet
  • What to listen</ p>
    • Audio streaming</ p>
      • Radio
    • What to play</ p>
      • SberPlay
      • Gaming Applications
    • Smart House
    • What else can "Salyut TV"
  • What TVs support Salyut TV: which model should you choose?
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Which platform to choose for smart TV?

With the spread of computers and smartphones, it began to seem that the time of TVs had passed. However, as soon as TVs became truly "smart", they easily regained the positions they had lost earlier.

Now home TV is a convenient waywatching videos on the Internet or streaming services, and it's also a large screen to "mirror" the screen of a smartphone, showing photos, videos or playing games, plus a hub for controlling other devices from the smart home series. In this regard, the main question is: which smart TV to buy and how to choose a smart TV.

The nuances of purchasing a smart TV

There are dozens of operating systems on the marketfor smart TVs. Because of this, before buying, everyone has to go through a tricky quest, evaluating options. Each platform has its advantages, so it's easy to spend more than one hour analyzing them.

However, in the new reality, the situation has changed.So, a number of manufacturers can now completely block their TVs remotely. This kind of thing happens from time to time. The official position of the manufacturers says that the TV is not intended for Russia: here's a "brick" for you.

The most common operating systems are unlikely to be blocked, butyou can already find complaints on the Internet that applications stop working or receive updates, or you can’t pay for a particular service. Given that a TV is usually purchased for the longest possible time, after a couple of years, some applications may simply stop running, requiring mandatory updates.

In this regard, now the best solution is to buy a smart TV using Russian software.

The advantage of Russian platforms is the development centers located in Russia. This means that the smart TV will always receive updates and all applications will continue to work.

In this material, using the example of Salyut TV, we will figure out why the platform from Sberbank is a very rational choice for a smart TV.

The image that on the TV is 3 virtual assistants Salyut, each with its own character.

As briefly as possible: why Salyut TV and not another platform

7 main advantages of Salyut TV with virtual assistants over other platforms:

  1. Domestic development: there will always be technical support, updates, plus no one will remotely block the TV, and all smart TVs are certified for Russia, so there will be no problems with the guarantee;
  2. Installing various applications through apk files;
  3. Ability to use popular streaming video/audio services (through a browser or as separate applications);
  4. Smart TV as the largest smart screen in the house: smart home control, weather forecast, traffic jams, ordering groceries, games, news;
  5. Built-in cloud gaming service that supports the most popular game stores;
  6. Built-in Salyut assistants support more than a dozen smart home manufacturers and allow you to control devices by voice;
  7. Voice ordering groceries or ready meals inSberMarkete, SberMegaMarkete, Delivery Club, Samokate, and you can also ask Salyut assistants to book a hairdresser’s appointment or book a table in a restaurant.

Now let's go through the list in more detail!

What is smart about Smart TV from Sberbank?


Versatility is, perhaps, almost the main advantage of Salyut TV over all available platforms.

Some manufacturers think a littleoutdated categories: people use the TV as a TV, that is, they watch TV shows, but in 2022 this is about the same as saying that the phone is only needed for calls.

Behind Salyut TV is the idea to turn the TV into an information hub for the whole house. The smart TV desktop is certainly customizable, but take a look at how it looks by default.

The user immediately sees the weather, top news,traffic jams, a full-fledged browser is offered, there is music, radio, collections of films. You can also manage a smart home, order food or grocery delivery (from services such as Scooter, Delivery Club), run video games, play sports, and much more.

And yes, there are TV channels here too. No need to connect the antenna, just enter the Wi-Fi password. The quality of the picture will not be worse, and maybe even better.

Thus, smart TV turns into the largest "smart screen" of the apartment, on which you can do everything.

Installing a variety of applications!

The Salyut TV platform has a good selection of services and applications that can be installed from the store or from the home screen.

Also, Salyut TV has the main advantage of Android TV - it is the installation of various applications through apk files.

What to watch?

All streaming services

Salyut TV once again pleases with its versatility, as the platform supports all popular streaming platforms.

The main platform for Salyut TV is the Okko service. If the user has a branded subscription "Sberprime" or "Sberprime +", then access to the service is already included in it.

Not every video service has its own application. So you can either use the web version, or just download the apk file by installing the application yourself.

Another advantage of Salyut TV is that inThe system has a full-fledged browser, optimized for working with the remote control. There are already bookmarked links to the most popular video services. Web versions are just as convenient to watch as apps.

To better understand the situation.Being able to watch any streaming is a big deal. For example, if something is missing on many other platforms, then the user has no options: the application cannot be downloaded from the side.

TV channels

After TVs learned how to access the Internet, there was no need to use a classic antenna to watch TV channels.

In Salyut TV, an application with TV channels is available by default. And when subscribing to SberPrime, a sports channel with broadcasts of selected football matches and MMA fights is provided as a bonus.

Video on the Internet

YouTube has come to replace classic television. In "Salyut TV" you can watch it through a separate application.

What to listen

Audio streaming

As with video streaming, Salyut TV offers to listen to any audio services. Of course, Salyut TV brings the branded Sound to the fore.

Formally, "Sound" is one of the largestmusic services in Russia. The service offers access to 60 million tracks. For comparison, the closest domestic competitor has 40 million tracks, and a foreign music service has 50 million.

By the way, "Sound" is not only a musicalservice. There are also podcasts, audio books, and a separate page for children with songs, fairy tales, stories, top charts with such hits as "Aiyay the Fox" or "Days of the Week" from Shupsik. By the way, there are gradations of content by age.

However, using the browser, you can also listen to other audio services. For example, the same Apple Music: you will need to open the page in the browser, and then save it to bookmarks on the first page.


Salyut TV has a separate radio program. A useful option that few people have.

The radio creates a great background. You can turn to Salyut TV by voice: there is nothing better than asking in the morning to turn on some kind of Business FM, where every 15 minutes they tell the main news.

What to play


SberPlay is a unique cloud servicegaming, allowing you to play resource-intensive releases in high quality. Unique, because, according to the editors, the closest analogue is the built-in GeForce Now on the Nvidia Shield. The principle of the service is as follows: a game is launched on a remote server. In this way, even graphically complex games can be played without a powerful computer.

The service is paid. There are tariffs for a month, and there are per-minute (1 ruble - 1 minute). For comfortable work, you will need to connect via Bluetooth or a mouse with a keyboard, or a gamepad.

SberPlay supports popular game stores.

Gaming Applications

In addition to "cool" games, the store is full of casual and children's games for adults and children. It is convenient to play all these games using the TV remote control as a gamepad.

Smart House

The TV has a separate screen dedicated tosmart home. Here again we are talking about versatility, since Salyut TV supports not only its own smart bulbs and sockets, but also third-party products.

Now you can connect Sber to a smart homedevices from houses based on LogicMachine and Wiren Board controllers. The connection is made via the MQTT protocol. The list of supported devices is quite large: from lighting and air conditioners to sliding curtains. The full list of supported brands is here.

What else can "Salyut TV"

At one time, Sberbank powerfully entered the market of smart platforms in Russia.

Today, the capabilities of the Salyut TV platform for TVs surpass most of the closest competitors in Russia and abroad.

With the help of "Salyut TV" you can order groceries or delivery of ready meals.

Also, "Salut TV" allows you to sign up for a haircut.You must say in your voice that you want to sign up, and the TV will show you the nearest hairdressers. The feature is called "Duet" and works well with hairdressers or restaurants (provided they have an online appointment). The function does not yet work everywhere, but it is already interesting to play with it.

Perhaps it is still worth highlighting applications for sports.

What TVs support Salyut TV: which model should you choose?

The range of TVs on the Salyut TV platformpretty big. Salyut TV is shown on 17 TV brands, including Sber, a joint project with MVM. The price range of TVs, as they say, for any wallet is from 9.5 thousand rubles for 24 inches to 74 thousand for a model with a huge 75-inch 4K UHD LED screen.

Another option is to just buy a TV boxfrom Sber. There is also a lot of room for creativity: there are both small compact modules and such unusual solutions as Sberbox Time (this is a clock column combined with a TV set-top box) or Sberbox Top with a built-in smart camera.


The strength of the platform from Sberbank is itsversatility. Sber does not try to close the user within the ecosystem, as other manufacturers do. On the contrary, he is looking for options on how to give his user more.

Plus, do not forget that Salyut TV is a Russian platform that will always receive all updates with full technical support.

One last piece of advice.Unlike smartphones, the advantage of smart TV platforms is that they are sold as set-top boxes. Thus, in theory, on any TV you like, using a set-top box, you can install the Salyut TV platform. Sometimes this option will be even more interesting, since it will be possible to compare two different platforms.

For example, Sberbank has SberBox or even a systemwith SberBox Top camera. The highlight of the latter is that thanks to the built-in camera, access to gesture control, video calling and much more is available. We have a review of the gadget.

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