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5 absurd business ideas that helped people make millions

Currently the richest man in the worldElon Musk is considered - data for 2021 says that he has $ 185 billion at his disposal. The entrepreneur earned his huge fortune as the head of Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring and several other companies. The secret to the wealth of most millionaires is that they provide services for which people are willing to pay big money. For example, the world-famous Elon Musk makes money by selling stylish and comfortable Tesla cars and sending people and cargo into space using SpaceX rockets. To the surprise of many, sometimes services are in demand that initially seem absurd. Could you imagine that selling grandma's jam can make a person rich?

Strange Ideas Can Make You Rich, Here's the Proof


  • 1 Business selling jam
  • 2 Thanksgiving business
  • 3 Stone business
  • 4 Dog cleaning business
  • 5 Pixel Selling Business

jam business

The idea to make money on grandmother's jam came tohead of 14-year-old Fraser Doherty. Since childhood, he adored sweets and constantly asked his grandmother to make something tasty. Over time, he himself became interested in cooking and began to cook, following his grandmother's recipes. He was especially good at jam - he was appreciated by all relatives. Having learned about the boy's talent, people began to place orders. Things went uphill very quickly and he even had to rent a large room and hire assistants.

Young businessman Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty's business was greatly hampered by the school,so he decided to complete his studies. He founded his own company SuperJam and at the age of 16 signed a contract with a large supermarket chain Waitrose - after that branded jam jars began to show off on the shelves of several hundred stores. Of course, the business of the young businessman did not always go well and sometimes he had to solve problems with loans. Despite all this, Fraser Doherty remains a successful businessman, organizer of charity projects and author of cookbooks.

Today, Fraser Doherty is an adult businessman and author of several books.

Thanksgiving Business

Thanksgiving is a very big holiday.which is celebrated on the second Monday in October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. On this day, it is customary to cook a turkey and perform one interesting custom. Two people take a turkey thymus bone and make a wish. They pull the bone and the one who has the most part of the bone wins - his wish will come true. Unfortunately, there are not enough bones for everyone, and this is a very common problem on a holiday.

There is a very interesting custom on Thanksgiving Day.

American Ken Ahroni saw a chance in this problemearn money. He founded LuckyBreak, a plastic turkey thymus bone company. Packs are sold for little money, but there is a whole sea of ​​\u200b\u200bbuyers - the company has practically no competitors. Ken Ahroni is believed to earn $2.5 million a year from his business.

Ken Ahroni

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stone business

If the previous example seemed veryabsurd, you haven't seen much yet - there is a man in the world who got rich selling stones. Once an American, Gary Dahl, heard enough from his friends that their pets constantly crap and generally behave terribly. Once a man joked that in this case it would be better for them to get a stone - there would be no problems from them! And then he thought: why not really try to sell stones, positioning them as pets?

Entrepreneur Gary Dahl

In 1975 he founded Pet Rocks andtried his crazy idea in practice. He collected beautiful stones and packed them in boxes with straw spread on the bottom and holes for access to fresh air. Everything looked as if the stones were indeed living beings. Each box was sold for $ 4 - to everyone's surprise, there were many buyers. The sale lasted about six months and in this short period Gary Dahl earned 15 million (!) Dollars.

Box Pet Rocks

dog cleaning business

In 1987, American Matthew Osborne tried toearn money at two jobs, but there was no result. This obviously bothered him greatly, because his wife and two children were waiting for him at home. In an attempt to find a source of good income, he noticed that people with dogs often walk near his house. He decided to offer them a service - to clean up the feces after the animals. It would seem that this is a humiliating and dirty work, but, in addition, it turned out to be very profitable.

Poop 911 animal service car

The man got regular customers andIn time, he even opened a site called Pooper Scooper to get even more attention. Over time, the work became so much that he had to hire assistants. Then things went uphill so much that a fleet of six trucks was needed to fulfill all the orders. Matthew Osborne's exact earnings data could not be found, but his company served hundreds of clients in the 1990s. Today the service is known as Poop 911 and works great.

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Pixel business

Probably every person dreamed that allthe people of the world gave him one ruble each - it is so easy to become a billionaire. In 2005, student Alex Tew gave people that opportunity. He launched The Million Dollar Homepage, which consisted of a 1000x1000 pixel image. Users could buy each pixel for a dollar and thus create advertising banners and simple inscriptions. The project has attracted so much attention that the cost of the last pixel has risen to $38,100. In just a few months, with the help of his venture, the student earned $1,037,100.

The Million Dollar Homepage

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