Compact and lightweight exoskeleton for travelers (3 photos + video)

Appeared on the Kickstarter crowdfunding siteAn interesting lot called Hypershell Omega is an exoskeleton for tourism. The device weighs only 2 kilograms and is able to compensate up to 30 kilograms of load.

Hypershell Omega has one active and eightpassive hinges for smooth and unrestricted movement. It is based on a multi-sensor architecture to track torque, position and force, monitor foot movement and simulate gait in milliseconds with two embedded processors.

The device adjusts the engine power tonine different modes including walking, running, hill climbing and cycling. At the same time, the artificial intelligence engine predicts each next step and smoothly coordinates the auxiliary output, learning and adapting to the user for a more intuitive operation.

The exoskeleton is adjustable in size tofit the user's waist and legs, and then uses the built-in 1HP permanent magnet synchronous motor. (800 W) to compensate up to 30 kg load. The user feels less weight from any load they are carrying, so it becomes easier for them to walk, run or climb. You can save energy and extend your trip. Hypershell supports running speeds up to 20 km / h, providing a range of up to 25 kilometers on a single charge.

The standard model will set you back $399, while the lightweight carbon fiber model will cost you $790. Deliveries are expected in September this year.

Source: kickstarter