Caviar Introduces iPhone 11 in Space Design

Russian company Caviar, engagedcreating designer versions of advanced smartphones, ran ahead of the engine. Apple iPhone 11 for the time being is not presented, and the Caviar iPhone 11 section has appeared in the catalog of expensive exclusive smartphones.

There are several smartphones in it, the entire collection has a cosmic bias.


There is a Caviar iPhone 11 APOLLO 11, released in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. 50 such smartphones will be released, the price is $ 4,800 / 289,000₽


There is a Caviar iPhone 11 SOYUZ, the decoration of which uses a piece of the real Soyuz ship. Price - $ 5590/339 000₽


Caviar iPhone 11 EXPLORER will cost $ 4,990 / 229 000₽


The Caviar iPhone 11 SINGULARITY smartphone for $ 6,050 / 369,000₽ is dedicated to such a significant event as the first photos of a black hole taken this spring.


Caviar iPhone 11 UNIVERSE for $ 7,710 / 479,000₽ can serve as a stylized tool for studying the structure of the solar system. The design is complicated by the presence of a mechanical watch with a tourbillon.


Finally, the Caviar iPhone 11 UNIVERSE Diamond. This is the same UNIVERSE, but decorated with diamonds, rubies and topazes. In addition, it contains a piece of meteorite, a piece of the moon and part of a spaceship. It will be issued in one copy, it will cost the buyer $ 49990/2999999 rubles.

Tatyana Kobelskaya