What is an eSIM and what are its benefits?

One of the models of the new iPhone 14 line worksexclusively on eSIM, and other advanced smartphone models also support this feature. eSIM is more difficult to transfer from one phone to another, but at the same time, the technology allows users to get rid of unnecessary plastic and give the ability to change operators at the click of a finger.

"Regular" SIM cards, the so-called mini-SIM 2FF format, with the development of technology have evolved to micro (3FF format) and nano (4FF format). The current trend is embedded SIM (eSIM).

eSIM is already a built-in feature on the device,such as Bluetooth or NFC. However, not all models of smartphones and tablets support it, but only the most advanced ones (such as iPhone XS and XR, Galaxy Note 20, Huawei P4).

Unlike a plastic SIM card for communication,which needs to be inserted inside the gadget and registered, the eSIM is already integrated into the device, literally soldered on the motherboard. It is activated using a QR code from the telecom operator and after the identification procedure - you cannot do without it in Russia.

However, it would be more correct to say that not eSIMs are popular, but manufacturers have begun to produce more smartphones with eSIM technology.

eSIM Benefits

1. You can buy and set it up without getting up from the couch. Since the SIM-chip is built into the device, it is impossible to lose such a card (if only together with the device).

2. No need to look for a needle to open a slot with a SIM card, and then delve into complex activation settings.

3.The eSIM memory holds up to 5 numbers, which can be from different operators and with different tariffs, making it easy to switch between them depending on the situation. All leading mobile operators support eSIM technology.

What to do if the device is lost?Through a cellular operator, it is easy to block a card, and then play it on a new phone or release it on a plastic carrier. eSIM allows you to work with one number and tariff on different devices.

It turns out that eSIM is environmentally friendly, practical andallows you to save. After all, operators no longer need to purchase plastic media, pay dealers and rent sales offices. However, in the struggle for customers, new, more favorable conditions and tariffs have to be invented.

eSIM trick

At first, Russian laws were not readyaccept a virtual sim card that can be bought remotely. In our country, the subscriber must physically come to the operator with a passport for identification, and only then the operator has the right to sell him the number.

Fortunately, in 2022 legislative "misunderstandings" witheSIM in Russia have been successfully solved. Most domestic telecom operators support devices with eSIM and sell virtual SIM cards with the permission of law enforcement agencies. Each operator offers to identify the subscriber in its own way. But let's face it, this quest is really for advanced subscribers.

September 16, 2022 Apple announced the start of salesthe new iPhone 14, which does not have a slot for a simple SIM card, but only eSIM. Some enterprising sellers from Russian marketplaces have already collected pre-orders for new devices and are accepting payments. First of all, Roskachestvo would warn against deals with resellers and would recommend purchasing devices from really well-known sellers.

Some users in our country are alreadynoted problems with the activation of the smartphone. However, the leading cellular companies promptly eliminate emerging problems with eSIM, so lovers of "apple" gadgets do not have to worry.

Sergey Bodrov, Head of the Center for DigitalRoskachestvo expertise: “In general, eSIM is easier to deal with than a physical card. Yes, eSIM is more difficult to transfer from one phone to another and you have to completely update all the information, but as for the technology itself, everything is simple - it's just scientific progress. Yes, not every Russian user will "appreciate" such restrictions, but you should not be afraid. The technology is designed to rid us of excess plastic and enable us to change operators at the click of a finger. It will be especially noted by travelers and entrepreneurs, people who need several numbers in one device, as well as just lovers of being on the crest of a technological wave.”

Source: Press Release Roskachestvo