ARM announced the Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77 with unique power and low energy consumption (5 photos)

The British company ARM presented a regular annual update of the hardware platform - the core Cortex-A77 and the graphic accelerator Mali-G77.

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High performance CPUCortex-A77 is a direct architectural follower of the most successful core of ARM - Cortex-A76. The new development was created on the ARMv8-A architecture (v8.2), which uses DynamIQ technology. At the same time, an increase in productivity of 20% is ensured. The maximum clock frequency is 3 GHz. The configuration of the Cortex-A77 is combined with the Cortex-A55 under the big.LITTLE scheme.

A new graphics accelerator Mali-G77 is created onabsolutely new architecture of Valhall, which replaced Bifrost, developed in 2016 for the Mali-G71. The ARM states that the new processor reduced energy consumption by 30%, increased productivity by 40%, and the speed of performing tasks related to machine learning increased by 60%. The Mali-G77 processor with the same load with the Mali-G76 can handle 3 times more operations.

Cortex-A77 CPU andMali-G77 video accelerator designed for smartphones and laptops. The updated architecture will most likely be used by Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple and MediaTek when developing advanced processors. The Chinese company Huawei, suffering from US sanctions, has not yet received the latest developments of the British company for their proprietary Kirin chips.