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How old is a person to find the meaning of life?

At a young age we all wonder quitesimple questions like “why is the sky blue?”. But over time, sooner or later we begin to reflect on the meaning of life and for decades we are looking for the answer to this difficult question. Someone finds it in the family, someone cares for the environment, and for someone, the meaning of life is a successful career. With all this, many of us have probably still not decided on our life mission, so the question arises - at what age will this happen? Researchers from the California city of San Diego studied statistical data, identified the period of finding the meaning of life, and even told how this event affects human health.

The question of the meaning of life worries almost everyone

According to the scientific journal The Journal ofClinical Psychiatry, in their work, California scientists studied data on 1042 people aged 21 to 100 years. This information was taken from a previous study called “Evaluating Successful Aging,” in which participants answered questions about having a favorite cause and satisfaction with their own lives. Also in the hands of researchers were data on the physical and mental health of participants in scientific work.

How does the search for the meaning of life affect health?

According to the results of the study, manfinds the meaning of life between 30 and 60 years. It is during this period of time that many people have a reliable circle of contacts, constant relationships and children. Thanks to all this, a person can already say exactly what he wants to achieve in his life and practically ceases to torment himself with questions about the meaning of his mission.

Most people consider creating a family and providing a good future for their children as the meaning of their life

In addition, statistics have shown thatpeople who have found the meaning of life have better health than everyone else. This is probably due to the reduction of stress that arises from the constant search for the work of his whole life. Most likely, this explains the fact that people dissatisfied with their fate without any purpose in life, for the most part, suffer from all kinds of diseases.

When is the meaning of life lost?

In the course of their scientific work, researchers alsofound that having made sense, a person can also easily lose it. Most often this happens after the age of 60, when people retire and close friends and relatives begin to die from them. In addition, a person also has age-related health problems, which also affects the psychological state. The meaning of life found ten years ago ceases to be relevant and a person can start his search again.

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Scientists are confident that their scientific work will notonly interesting to people, but also helps psychologists to develop all kinds of tests. For example, by asking patients questions about satisfaction with their life and their purpose, they will be able to find out if their physiological diseases are associated with a constant search for the meaning of life.