Apple refuses iCloud encryption at FBI request

Access confidential user informationiPhone will be simplified thanks to an agreement between the FBI and Apple representatives. According to information from insider sources, Apple refuses to encrypt data stored on the iCloud company service, which makes hacking the iPhone easier.

Information Reuters Journalists Receivedimmediately from six sources that claimed that the FBI claims an obstruction of justice in the case of full encryption of device backups on iCloud cloud storage.

Apple led technology developmentend-to-end encryption on iCloud for two years. However, after the FBI became aware of such a function, law enforcement officials said that the introduction of technology into operation would complicate the extraction of information from iPhone smartphones belonging to users associated with criminal activity.

Pressure was exerted on Apple not only by the FBI, but also by President Trump, who accused Apple of refusing to unlock smartphones used by "killers, drug dealers and other criminals."

As a result, under pressure from law enforcement officials, Apple decided to abandon end-to-end iCloud encryption.