The Japanese have developed a tail for a man who can be useful (video)

Japanese engineers have developed a mechanicalhuman tail capable of being really useful! It is no secret that scientists are often inspired by the work of natural phenomena. Thus, the thistle from the Alps served as a prototype for the fastener, and the eyepieces of the X-ray telescope were the unique geometry of the lobster's eyes. The list is endless.

Students studying at Keio University are notwere the exception. They thought about the seemingly completely unnecessary part of the body - about the tail. And they created the Arque, a device that looks and works like a mechanical tail attached to the waist.

The gadget is assembled from moving segments andpneumatic control elements. Segments move in eight directions, while giving the body additional stability. According to the developers, the device is designed to help people during rehabilitation or working with weights. It serves as an additional balance.

The authors of the project note that for the most partvertebrate tail is incredibly important. It significantly expands the functionality of the body and its mobility. Inspired by biomimicry, they developed an anthropomorphic artificial tail. The working concept is presented at the SIGGRAPH 2019 exhibition.