Airbus for the first time showed the interior of its aerotaxi (8 photos)

The desire of mankind to get off the ground foundreflected in flights on balloons, airplanes and spacecraft. But the transcendental heights, although they continue to stir up romantics, gradually give up their positions to pragmatists who dream of moving above the ground, but much lower. Thus, the developers of unmanned flying taxis are designed to solve the problems of people who are tired of traffic jams, do not want to endanger their lives in the stream of cars, where not all drivers follow the rules of the road. Very soon, Airbus intends to provide movement through the air in a comfortable air vehicle.

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The company has displayed for the first photosinterior demonstration model of "flying taxi". So the future gradually takes hold of our consciousness. The tales of an airplane carpet are embodied in a project to create an aero taxi called Vahana and the aircraft itself, Alpha One.

The main feature of this project is that itvehicle conceived as unmanned. Successful tests of raising the device in the air and a short stay in flight at the beginning of the year proved the viability of the idea. Now the company is surprised by the design of the external arrangement of aerotaxi.

The photo shows the passenger seat, it is one. Coziness and comfort surround the passenger, nothing interferes with an almost panoramic view, as there is no pilot. The client can track the progress of the flight on a high definition display.

Another shot will appeal to those who love to ride"With a breeze" - Alpha Two with an open hatch is represented on it. It is not clear, however, how the passenger gets into the cabin. The developers claim that in such a case a special platform or ladder will work perfectly.

Successfully conducted flight tests givereason with optimism is to believe that even if not tomorrow, and after conducting many more test flights, people will be able to book "flying taxis" for movement.