Instructions for launching Half-Life: Alyx without connecting a VR helmet are presented (video)

Valve presented a week agoanother part of the series of one of the most popular Half-Life games in the world. The updated part of the game Half-Life: Alyx involves the mandatory use of a virtual reality helmet. However, users quickly figured out and connected the ability to work with the application without connecting a VR-helmet.

A detailed guide has been published online.launch Half-Life: Alyx without virtual reality. These data in particular shared YouTube channel Unreal Academy. To run in truncated mode, the user must download a specific set of files that will allow you to roll back the game to debug mode, previously deleted by the developers in the final release of the game.

At the next stage, all received files are moved to the game folder Half-Life: Alyx and using the game’s properties menu on Steam, the following launch parameters are added:

"-Novr -console -nocrashdialog -retail -allowdebug -vconport 29000 -vcon -dev -w 1920 -h 1080 -sv_autojump 1", where w and h are game resolution options.

However, after starting in this mode, manygame features are no longer available. This property was once pointed out by a developer from Valve, who claimed that by launching the game in non-VR mode, gamers realized why virtual reality was necessary in Half-Life: Alyx.