Digital profiles will be introduced to Russians (2 photos)

Russia continues to promote digitala revolution designed to simplify and speed up various bureaucratic, financial and commercial procedures. In Russia, preparatory work has begun on assigning an individual digital profile to citizens and institutions. Testing will begin with the banking system and in the experiment scheduled for April-May, 16 banks will take part, consisting of the top 30 largest credit institutions of the Russian Federation.

The definition of "digital profile" is clearlegal wording, the provision of which will be introduced in the draft law developed by the Ministry of Communications. The concept of “digital profile” includes an array of information about citizens and institutions, which are located in the information systems of state bodies and in a single system of identification and authentication. All data will be concentrated in one place.

In the law will be clearly defined listinstitutions for which a system will be available that stores “digital profiles”. First of all, these are financial and credit organizations, companies providing communication services, and state information systems. Citizens of the Russian Federation will receive the right to manage their profiles, the right to allow or prohibit the processing of personal data. However, in some situations, the consent of the Russians to use his data from the digital profile is not required.

The main task of introducing a digital profileis to improve the quality of information transfer between financial and state institutions. For a test project launched in spring, the data will be supplied from the information databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund and the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography. Probably, the profile will definitely contain passport data of a citizen of the Russian Federation, TIN and SNILS.

During the pilot project willconsidered the possibility of increasing the speed and reliability of the processes of issuing loans and registration of certain forms of insurance. Full universal introduction of a digital profile is planned for 2020.

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