Counterfeits and copies of original goods on marketplaces - we understand the details


More recently, marketplaces have said they are going to crack down on counterfeit goods on their

venues, as the state decided to intervene andintroduce fines for those who recklessly sell fakes. In August 2022, Ozon, Wildberries and Yandex.Market announced that they had created a unified supplier base that unscrupulous companies would fall into. The site that detects a violation will immediately inform the rest of all its details - type of product, legal entity, and so on. In theory, such a provider should be blocked. For example, Yandex.Market said that the company is conducting a thorough check of sellers, including purchasing samples and making decisions. Sounds good, but unfortunately it's not true. The number of fakes, copies of goods on all sites is extremely large, and each of them turns a blind eye to this. Moreover, the person who is faced with a fake, in practice, does not receive the support of the site, but branded reassurance, when they explain to him that nothing terrible has happened, he has a guarantee and he can use it! I will give such an example later, but for now let's talk about how fakes look. I will not specifically add examples from Yandex.Market, there are no less of them than other sites. The reason for such an attitude towards Yandex is that every day we publish on the Telegram channel examples of content in Yandex.Music that violates Russian law, calls for murder, and so on. Too much "Yandex" has become, but there is no other way to improve for it, since the company simply ignores all requests and appeals, does not want to delete anything.

On all marketplaces, they exist simultaneously asscammers and counterfeit goods. Both of them look the same in terms of product card design, but the main thing that should alert you is the price of the product. Let's say you are looking for an inexpensive smartphone, you know that you are interested in the POCO M5s model. Enter this product in the search and get a list of different offers. Please note that they are plus or minus in the same price group.

Prices for electronics from different vendors mayvary, but the difference cannot be gigantic. Now look at one of the offers that quickly flashed on Wildberries, then it was removed.

Exactly the same offer for realme C11.Here the difference is clearly visible in one screenshot - 7,000 rubles and 11-13 thousand rubles. There can be no such difference in price, especially for a brand that is inexpensive and already offers a good price / quality ratio.

With a high degree of probability, we are scammers,who will try to deceive you. Take you outside the site to communicate, make you pay for the goods by transfer to the card (and even give a big discount!), And then disappear. We have written about such situations many times, so I will not repeat myself.

Fraudsters in marketplaces and not only - how not to become a victim

We consider one of the key methods of divorce on marketplaces using the example of Ozone. How not to become a victim and not lose money.

Caution, scammers on Ozon - how not to buy a brick instead of a phone

Another wave of fraud on Ozon, the site does not fight them, reluctantly solves the problems of buyers. Let's get into the details of the scam.

Counterfeit goods disguised as genuine

What do all scammers have in common?They don't sell what you expect to buy. In the first case, air is sold when money is simply withdrawn from you. But the marketplaces are also full of products that are fakes, they are not original. Moreover, such goods have already spilled out of the Internet onto the shelves of regular stores, this is especially evident in accessories for the MacBook, in particular, chargers. Large eminent stores began to sell fakes, and it looks at least surprising. Either they were deceived and they trusted the supplier, or they decided to earn as much as possible.


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I want to say right away that marketplaces are notinterested in counterfeiting. They receive their percentage from each transaction, the problems of low-quality goods lie with the seller, and it is extremely difficult to make a claim on the site. The same Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex.Market do not bear any responsibility for this. They wash their hands every time and only periodically make an exception when they come across a disgruntled customer who screams about it on every corner. In all other cases, the expectation that the client will not go to court and donate money will give up on the situation.

The problem is much wider and more complex than we canto appear. After all, even if the sites begin the fight against fakes in full force, they will face the fact that suppliers will begin to mask these fakes, set high prices, like other companies. And it will be extremely difficult to distinguish them by cost. By the way, I like the Avito approach, where a marker was introduced for smartphones - the price is below the market. That is, if you are looking at a product whose cost differs markedly from the market, it may be worth considering why this is so. An additional marker that should warn you. I would like to see such warnings on any site, this shows customer focus.

Let's take a look at the history of counterfeiting using the example of the Makita screwdriver, which is offered on Ozon. You can find this product here.

Of course, we should be wary of a suspiciously low cost. The next step in checking the product is who sells it.

On the one hand, this is a Premium seller, which shouldinspire confidence in us, on the other hand, an individual entrepreneur from whom it will be difficult to take something - look for wind in the field. By the way, there are fakes of this product on the Ozon wagon and a small cart, just have time to look around.

The scheme of work of an individual entrepreneur selling a fake is designed for the fact that most buyers do not understand what exactly they are purchasing. Therefore, they can be easily deceived.

That is, a person does not know this product, leaves a review and evaluates a fake. But there are also more sophisticated buyers. For example, they wonder why the package was opened. They are calmed down.

There are those who begin to suspect that something is wrong here.


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The seller replies that everything is fine. But never responds to problems, for example, when the device breaks down.

Thus, the seller is gaining a reputation for himself, since people often do not understand that they bought a fake, it does not have a guarantee, it does not work as stated, and they overpaid for this miracle Yudo twice.

Specifically, in this example, the seller at the beginning of his journey did not even hide that he was selling a fake, but then he got rid of sentiment and began to sell the goods under the guise of the original.

The problem of counterfeit goods on marketplacestoday it is acquiring an unprecedented scale, moreover, such goods have spilled onto the shelves of ordinary stores, the 90s have returned. The reason is their low cost, the ability to pocket a large profit. But most importantly, many manufacturers who followed this market and were not too lazy to sue violators of their rights simply stopped working in Russia. As a result, all restrictions have been removed, and now there are a huge number of fakes, for every color and taste.

For the buyer, this means the need to beBe careful what you buy and from whom. You should always take a cashier's check (not a handwritten sales receipt or something else, but a check that goes through tax.en). If there is the slightest doubt, then refuse to buy, in the future it will only turn into big problems.

For example, in Ulyanovsk a young man boughtan electric scooter is twice cheaper than it cost everywhere. Excellent model of a well-known manufacturer. A week later, the battery flared up in the apartment while charging. A happy coincidence made it possible to extinguish the fire, it was discovered in time and did not become confused. But it could all have been very different. This is a prime example of how a fake can be dangerous.

But often you just don't know what's fakeharms your health and slowly poisons you in the truest sense of the word. Prohibited materials, plastics and silicone containing harmful substances - the list is endless. Low cost always has an unsightly side that few people think about. Please be wise with your purchases, choose goods carefully and do not fall for the bait of scammers. After all, the sale of fakes is a scam and nothing else, you can’t call such people Robin Hoods, they make money on people’s ignorance.

It’s a pity, but marketplaces can’t deal with this scourgewant, but only pretend that they are ready to somehow work with it. The same Ozon, about which about five materials have been published over the past two years, simply added back all the companies and people who traded fakes, they successfully conduct their business on this site. The schemes to deceive people have not changed one iota, they are still the same. And if you think that this applies only to Ozon, then, alas, no - this is how all marketplaces behave. They receive money from turnover, and those who bought fakes can be neglected, send them to solve their problems with the seller. Like, they themselves were inattentive and bought such a product. And the fact that we placed it on the window? It happens. But it is extremely rare, and almost no one complains about it. The dialogue looks something like this, but the main thing is that the buyer really remains alone with his problem. And not everyone is ready to go to court.

Fraudsters in marketplaces and not only - how not to become a victim

We consider one of the key methods of divorce on marketplaces using the example of Ozone. How not to become a victim and not lose money.

Caution, scammers on Ozon - how not to buy a brick instead of a phone

Another wave of fraud on Ozon, the site does not fight them, reluctantly solves the problems of buyers. Let's get into the details of the scam.