Applications for iPhone suspiciously often send data from a smartphone (3 photos)

Journalistic investigation conducted by the publicationThe Washington Post concluded that the iPhone sends confidential user data, such as phone number or location, using more than 5,000 tracking data in a week.

Third-party iOS apps with backgroundupdate regularly transmit user data to analytical companies engaged in collecting information. These applications constantly use trackers to obtain analytical data, but the frequency with which such collection is performed is alarming. During the investigation, journalists used the Privacy Pro application developed by Disconnect, which found that third-party programs were transmitting confidential information about the user, such as phone numbers from the address book, email addresses, geolocation, IP address.

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During the investigation it was found thata week more than 5,400 trackers transferred custom iPhone data. Among the applications that violate privacy, were such as: Microsoft OneDrive, Mint, Nike, Doordash, Spotify, Yelp, The Weather Channel, Citizen and The Washington Post's own iOS application.

The collection of trackers information nowis normal and does not always harm the user. Many analytical services use data to optimize and analyze the behavior of iPhone owners, to demonstrate targeted advertising. However, the length of storage of confidential information sent to so many addresses, as well as the reasons for collecting other information from mobile devices of people, can be alarming.