Xiaomi has combined powerbank with an integral accessory of handbags (8 photos)

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze consumersnovelties of its products, aimed at combining various accessories and devices with power banks. This trend causes a real boom among fans of new sub-brands.

Women who pay great attention to contenttheir cosmetic bags, a pleasant impression will leave a device called the VH Makeup Mirror Mini. First of all, it is a make-up mirror, and this is its main purpose. In order for a woman to receive maximum comfort while caring for her face, the design of this accessory has been improved: it has two mirrors. The top one is supplemented with double-magnification glass, and the bottom one is equipped with a backlight, the brightness of which is regulated by the button.

A 3,000 mAh battery built into the productallows in emergency cases to use it as a powerbank for gadgets. However, for this you need to find a place in the purse for the cable with microUSB on the connector of your smartphone. But charging 5V / 1A to the input and output will help you out more than once, when you need to make an important call, and the battery is suddenly discharged.

VH Makeup Mirror Mini will not be burdensomea load for women of fashion: even the built-in battery did not significantly affect the dimensions, and the makeup mirror is compact enough: 85 × 76 × 17 mm, and its weight is only 145 grams, like a regular smartphone. Available in three colors (orange, green and blue) with a price tag of $ 18.

Source: Xiaomi