We disassemble iPhone 11 into parts (15 photos)

Immediately after the presentation of a series of smartphones fromApple experts subjected the new iPhone models to a comprehensive analysis, including the maintainability of fairly expensive devices.

First of all, iFixit experts tested the topsmartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max. As a result, it was revealed that the following components were used in the production: Cirrus Logic 338S00509 audio codec, Toshiba flash memory, Apple / USI 339S00648 combined WiFi / Bluetooth communication module. An Intel X927YD2Q modem and Intel 5765 P10 A15 08B13 H1925 transceiver are installed. To control the smartphone’s power system, the STMicrolectronics STB601A0N circuit is used.

Dismantling the iPhone 11 Pro Max revealed thatRemoving the battery occurs quite quickly, without technical tricks. The study revealed that the declared reverse wireless charging in the device is not supported.

Experts have not yet reached a final decision on the amount of RAM for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which will be accurately determined after the decryption of the marking is completed. Most likely its volume is 4 GB.

When assessing the maintainability of the device wasIt was found that the process of replacing the display and battery is technically simple, but it can be difficult to maintain moisture protection. At the same time, replacing the back of the smartphone will require almost complete disassembly of the device.
Experts assigned the maintainability of the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6 points on a 10-point scale, which corresponds to the assessment of the iPhone X, iPhone Xs and Xs Max models.

Currently screen replacement pricingthe iPhone 11 Pro Max model is $ 360, the iPhone 11 Pro is $ 305, and the iPhone 11 is $ 220. To fix the problems associated with the hardware of smartphones, for iPhone 11 you will have to pay $ 440, for iPhone 11 Pro - $ 600, and for iPhone 11 Pro Max - $ 655. Such prices are comparable with the prices of the flagships of competitors Apple, in particular with the model Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Source: ifixit