Until 2024, the US will send astronauts to the orbit of the moon

Speaking on Thursday at the Space Center namedJohnson in Houston, US Vice President Michael Pence announced that the US government expects to send astronauts to the planned lunar orbital station by the end of 2024 to establish a permanent human presence on Earth’s satellite.

The current US administration is consideringThe moon as a "key point" for further space exploration. Pence noted that in the United States "an active development is underway concerning the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway project to build the first lunar orbital station." According to the vice-president, the creation of the station "will be the most important condition for the deployment of an advanced lunar outpost from which further missions to Mars will be carried out."

"Last year, NASA began to interact with American developers in order to create a unique electromotive system for Gateway," commented Pence on the development process

In addition, Pence spoke about the importancethe use of the Space Launch System (SLS) launch vehicle and the Orion spacecraft, which will have to play a key role in the new exploration of the Moon and the subsequent development of the rest of the Solar System. Recall that the first joint test launch of the SLS and Orion in unmanned mode is scheduled for 2019-2020. It was noted that the early completion of the development of SLS and Orion will push the private companies SpaceX and Boeing to complete the development of their manned spacecraft, which will be used to deliver American astronauts to the ISS.

The vice president also noted that the US government is working with Congress on the allocation of 500 million dollars to ensure that the development of the station went into the production phase.

"We are only a few years away from launchGateway's first building blocks into space. In addition, active work is under way to send American astronauts to the Lunar Orbital Platform by the end of 2024, ”said Pence.

“We want to go back to the moon. However, this time we will not be satisfied only to leave traces on it. For the US, the time has come to take advantage of everything that we have learned over the decades and establish a permanent presence on the moon and near it, ”he said.

About the desire to create a near-moon space stationIt became known in 2017, however, negotiations on the possibility of creating an international near-moon station began in 2013. Previously it was assumed that the station will be called Deep Space Gateway. After a while, they decided to replace the name with the Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway.

In early April, it became known that RSC Energiaproposed to manufacture a lock module for the new near-moon orbital station, but it was proposed to split the development of the development between the American and European sides.

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