Under what conditions can fans be hazardous to health?

The summer of 2019 was one of the hottest inthe whole story. The abnormally high air temperature caused large-scale forest fires and affected the well-being of many people - did you also feel tired and had a headache? Fortunately, it was always possible to escape from the sweltering heat by turning on the air conditioner or fan, but are they safe for health? Australian scientists believe that at least fans can cause severe harm to people, because under certain conditions they interfere with the body's ability to cope with heat on its own.

It would seem that it could be better than refreshingblowing fan in a stuffy room? Believe me, in certain conditions, a working fan can turn a stay in a stuffy room into a hell of a test. The World Health Organization has long insisted that at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, fans only increase the load on the human body, directing hot air at it. It turned out that when using a fan, you should pay attention to the level of humidity.

Does the fan cool the room?

This was convinced by researchers from SydneyUniversity located in Australia. They conducted an experiment in which they asked 12 healthy men to put on shorts and sit for two hours in hot rooms with moist (50%) and dry (10%) air. At first the fan worked in the rooms, but in the second half of the experiment it was turned off. To compare the state of people before and after the experiment, at the very beginning, the body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating rate were measured in men.

Wet air is more useful than dry air, use humidifiers or put a bowl of water in the room!

With the fan running, the air temperature inrooms with moist air was 39.9 degrees, but after a shutdown, it rose to 40.3 degrees Celsius. As a rule, the human body feels the temperature differently - this indicator is called the "index of heat load" and is estimated by rectal temperature. Measurements showed that according to the feelings of men in the rooms there was a 50-degree heat.

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The rooms with dry air have developed completelyother conditions. The air temperature with the fan turned on was 47.2 degrees, and when it was turned off, it suddenly dropped to 46.7 degrees. At the same time, the men did not feel the heat that was in the humid rooms - according to their feelings, the temperature in the room was equal to the same 46 degrees Celsius.

How does heat affect a person?

It would be logical if men from lesshot, dry rooms, they felt better - but no, the result of the study was unpredictable. By comparing the health indicators of men from two different rooms, scientists found that in a room with humid air and a fan on, people felt as comfortable as possible. But the men from the dry room with the fan turned on felt pretty bad.

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What is the result? It turns out that the fan should not be turned on in rooms with dry air. If the humidity in the room exceeds 50%, the fan can be safely turned on - the body temperature will be kept at an acceptable level, and the cardiovascular system will not become unnecessarily strained. In a wet room, by the way, it is important to drink more water - scientists noticed that the men from this room were sweating a lot. And due to profuse sweating, dehydration can occur.

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By August, the air temperature in Russia is noticeabledecreased and, most likely, fan information is not yet relevant. But the advice of Australian scientists is still worth remembering and telling your friends. You can also scare your friends with the news that in 2030 a new ice age will begin on Earth.

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